Morning Thread for Tilers Forums

We have a Morning Thread on each of our forums, and the Tilers Forums Morning Thread has been running the longest, we’ve actually just recently created a new one, as a thread hundreds of pages long starts to get difficult to find specific individual posts.

The idea behind a morning thread is to share what work the tile fixers have on each day. It doesn’t need to be every single morning but if you have a unique tiling job on then be sure to let us know about it, we enjoy reading through other peoples work threads. And day when bigger jobs complete such as the last day of a bathroom job when all the suite is back in and the grout haze dusted off so the bathroom looks the best its going to look for the next few years (in most family bathrooms at least!). Especially if the job involves nice unique natural stone tiles or expensive porcelain like porcelonsa tiles, or original style ceramic tiles for kitchens etc.

Tilers Forums Morning Thread

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This is a link to the original morning thread.

This is a link to the first page of the new 2024 morning thread, and this is a link to the latest post in that thread.

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