Tile Cutters and Tile Cutting

Tile Cutters And Tile Cutting

Tile Cutters and Tile Cutting Advice Forum. Find which tile cutter to use for each tile type, tile thickness, tile material. Some require wet cutters (or diamond edged disc cutters) and others such as ceramic, anything with a glaze, porcelain and suchlike should be able to be cut with a score and a snap type cutter. Push or pull handle cutters available so try a few before investing a lot of money in one. Or some hire shops hire out tile cutters which can be more economical.

  • Not a full time tiler and questioning everything but..I need a wet saw to cut a lot of 45's in 20mm, 12" marble tile. Is the Sealey 180 a decent bench saw for a small but tricky job? Any other options anyone might suggest would be welcome.. thanks
  • My Husqvarna TS-230F wet saw has suddenly started being a lot more noisy when running – could it be bearing nose on the motor? Has anyone else noticed this? Cheers
  • Hi, apologies if this has already been covered before but I couldn't find anything in the forum searches. ok so I'm an aerospace engineer by trade and carpenter by hobby, so I'm pretty capable at making things and have set my hand to refurbishing my en suite into a wet room. the plumbing, electrics and wedi board waterproofing has all been completed and successfully tested and now I'm ready for tiling. I'll be using Mandarin Stone Hendre creme 10mm thick 1200×600 porcelain tiles. I've previously used these for a floor in my sunroom and they went down well, I used […]
  • Afternoon all, Has anyone ever used the above cutter. It can be used with a guide rail that will fit a 1200 tile which I seem to use more and more and looks to be a handy piece of kit if you have limited space to store a wet cutter. Thanks Rick
  • yesterday I discovered what the titanium engraving wheel is for of my sigma (the gold color). I'm doing 30×60 polished 12mm, with lots of frosting and very hard support. with the normal wheel it was hard, every three cuts I had to take the grinder and trimming. I remembered having a titanium wheel that I used with structured tiles and it did not work. I mounted it and booom all the cuts ok.

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