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UK Tiling Forum

UK Tiling Forum, est 2006

Our UK Tiling Forum was launched in April 2006. It's older than the current form of The Tile Association even.

UK Tiling Forum quickly became the fastest growing and eventually the largest online advice destinaton for all tile and tiling advice, including tiling courses and tiling tools.

Expert UK Tiling Courses

Expert UK Tiling Courses
Expert Tiling Courses UK

Discuss and research the Expert Tiling Courses UK for you. Tilers Forums has been online since April 2006 and has collated information on all training centres and colleges providing tiling courses.

Expert UK Tiling Courses
Tiling Tools

Tiling Tools
Manual Tile Cutters and Wet Tile Cutters

There are many tile types and huge tile sizes now. Porcelain large format tiles can't be cut on 'normal' manual tile cutters. Learn how to cut large format tiles and which tiling tools you'll need for the job.

Tiling Tools
Online Tile Shops

Online Tile Shops
Buying Tiles Online

When you're buying tiles, you might want to research suppliers and adhesive brands and even tile types. Tilers Forums has got your back.

Tiles | Tile Adhesives

Some Benefits in Joining (for free!) the UK Tiling Forum

There are a few UK Tiling Forum websites online right now. We always say register to them all and see which one comes back with the best advice.

9,300 Members

9,300 members, dozens of forum categories, 850,000 posts.

Free Tiling Advice

Free Tiling Advice Website - Established before The Tile Association (in its new form in Stone, Staffordshire)

Pro Tilers Tools

Pro Tilers Tools from including Rubi Tile Cutters like Trade Tiler

Expert UK Tiling Courses

Expert UK Tiling Courses right across the UK. Use established British uk tiling course providers that are Experts in their field.

Expert UK Plumbing Courses

Expert UK Plumbing Courses right across the UK. Using British Tiling Experts.

Expert UK Electricians Courses

Expert UK Electricians Courses right across the country. Find UK Electricians Courses near you.


Becoming a UK Tiling Forum Member

Simply register to the UK Tiling Forum for free, post your first thread (message to the forum) and you'll be notified (via email or push notification on your device) when you get replies.

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I’ve spent a bit of time over the last few days sorting out (along with and and getting some basic pages on the domains.

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