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Our UK Tiling Forum was setup in April 2006 and has grown too be the largest source of tile and tiling information on the planet. With nearly 1,000,000 posts. Tilers Forums very own UK Tiling Forum has more than 5,500 members and has provided free tile and tiling advice since day one. Find more UK Tiling Forum subjects by browsing our site.

Use UK Tiling Forum to Find Local Tiling Courses

Use UK Tiling Forum to Find Local Tiling Courses
UK Tiling Forum's Courses Section

Our dedicated UK Tiling Forum Tiling Courses A-Z database of all training centres and local colleges that offer tiling courses and tiling NVQs. Also information about OSAT.

Tiling Courses
UK Tiling Forum for Tiling Tools

UK Tiling Forum for Tiling Tools
A Database of Tiling Tool Suppliers

What will be a trusty comparison website to find the cheapest price on the big brand name tools including tile cutters, blades and wet saws. Oh and trowels. :) With the UK Tiling Forum hosting the largest tilers tools discussion.

Tiling Tools
UK Tiling News via UK Tiling Forum

UK Tiling News via UK Tiling Forum
Tile Industry News and Reviews

Our dedicated website for UK Tiling News is back online. One of many websites we are launching for the industry and its tilers. Submit your own tiling news for the UK Tiling Forum, or just subscribe and get the latest news direct in your inbox every week.

Tile News
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Established threads and content are one of the massive advantages of using There are no cliques that make the forum off-putting for newbies. You can ask questions about anything tile related and you will get your answers professionally. The largest UK Tiling Forum on the planet is just a click away.

Grow Your Tiling Business

We have some of the best tilers in the country registered to our forum, all willing to help out.

Find the Right Tools

Find the right tiling tools for your tiling projects at home if you are a DIY tiler.

Find a Local Tiler

Use our Forum to find a Local Tiler that has years of feedback on the forum.

Trustworthy Advice to DIY

Use the tiling forum as part of your research when tiling walls or floors.

In Your Own Time

No rushing around or relying on notes scribbled down. Take your time and keep replying to your project thread.

Love The Masterpiece YOU Created

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UK Tiling Forum

Free Wall and Floor Tile Installation Advice Provided by the UK Tiling Forum,

Tiler in County Durham

Tiler in County Durham, Tiler in Newton Aycliffe, Darlington and Durham City

Tiler in County Durham, Tiler in Newton Aycliffe, Darlington and Durham City. David Howe Tiling. The professional wall and floor tiler with more than 25 years experience in the tile industry in the UK.

Tiler in County Durham
Tiler in County Durham

Wall and Floor Tiler County Durham

  • Professional Wall and Floor Tiler County Durham
  • Travertine, Quartz, Limestone, Sandstone, Marble and all other traditional wall and floor tilers installed
  • Large-format wall and floor tiles fitted professionally, these are very specialist, often glass-based porcelain tiles, that require extremely large tile cutters (often glass style cutters)
  • Free consultation service provided
  • Tile Adhesive and Grout discounts 100% passed onto the customer

Contact David Howe Tiling Today

Visit Tiler in County Durham today and read more about their interesting previous tiling jobs they’ve carried out over the years. With more than 25 years experience there are quite a few jobs to look through on their tiling website.

Tiler in County Durham including:-

  • Tiler in County Durham
  • Tiler in Newton Aycliffe
  • Tiler in Durham City
  • Tiler in Darlington
  • Other areas in County Durham are always considered

Call for a free consultation. During COVID we are working incredibly secure. Repairs are considered essential works during the most severe lockdown. And bathroom redecoration and upgrades are considered safe during more relaxed lockdowns. Please enquire with us to find the latest guidance in your area.

Tiling Courses by UK Pro Tiling Training

3 Brilliant Tiling Courses to Consider During Current Lockdowns

Let’s Talk Tiling Courses

Let’s talk about Tiling Courses and Tiling Training. To see what they involve and what type of people might be booking on some right now.

But first. A bit about me. I’m Dan. I own the forum, and much bigger forums in the construction industry, and a lot of blogs, some online stores, some ebay stores, some amazon stores, and loads of automotive websites, forums and shops too.

I’ve just had COVID. Had the ‘vid (as Kevin Hart would say – any other Netflixers about? – comment below lol)

We’ve all had a little bit more time on our hands than what we’re used to. Options to staying at home and doing sweet FA have included; work furloughing you, your employer telling you to work from home because Borris has said so, self-isolating because somebody you’ve been in contact with has tested positive. Or even worse. In fact THE worse one out the lot.

Catching bloody COVID-19 and needing to either stay in bored (if you’re lucky) or stay in feeling like shyte if you’re not. I won’t even mention hospital. Need to avoid talking about those right now.

Well. Some of you guys reading this will already be in the tile industry in some form. Probable a tiler, but perhaps tile shop staff, maybe tile or adhesive manufacturer staff, and have been browsing around online and ended up on one of our websites which ultimately will be linked to one of our other websites and then another and then BOOM. You’re here reading this.

It’s now 23:38 and I’ve done a hard days graft setting up a new website (more on that later – in another blog, not in this one) and I thought hmmmm, I wonder how many people are also still up. And in fact, I wonder how many people are always still up – losing sleeping patterns, not being used to being at home perhaps, and maybe, just a few of those, are considering career changes? Maybe.

If I was looking for Tiling Courses, where would I look right now?

Well. I’d start off with our forum sponsors, both current and past sponsors. So Able Skills for the south, Construction Skills College for the midlands, and UK Tiling Training up north. There are some others, but training centres seem to come and go quite easy so be careful booking a newish one, or one that appears to have dozens of locations (they often don’t).

How Far Can You Travel – I Mean Physically – And still have a life on weekends, and still get to the training centre again every monday morning?

Theory here is that it’s worth travelling to a good tiling course and tiling training centre. Especially if you’re doing a week-long one. Some can even be four weeks long and you drive home friday, come back monday morning. So stop over somewhere close by Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur night. They all usually have B&B’s nearby that they recommend. Just somewhere to get your head down, nice breakfast, nothing special. But then of course there are the chains that offer clean rooms for a slightly dearer price. But the breakfast might suck, or be on top of the room price, or be too late for when you want to set off to the training centre each day. So look out for that.

So it’s worth travelling to a good tiling course, but not travelling too far. As the Friday night drive home and Monday very early morning start to drive back can be, what, two hours, maybe three tops. But not more than that surely.

So one down south, one in the midlands, and one up north – between the three they always covered 90% of the country, and 98% of the people in Great Britain.

We did recommend a Welsh firm and a Scottish firm. But they either shut down or sold out to some bigger firm who just wanted their customer list or something. Not sure.

Able Skills Tiling Courses

Able Skills Tiling Courses
Able Skills Tiling Courses

Able Skills do multiple course types. I’d usually avoid this type of training centre. They’re clearly setup to spread the love of all trades to all people. So make some good money doing it. It makes you wonder at what point do they just chase the coin and ignore the teaching quality. But time and time again we had feedback about Tiling Courses and their tiling teachers, who have stuck with them for years and are good guys, so I can only vouch for their tiling courses. Not their plumbing ones and all the other ones. Just tiling courses.

But they’re good. It seems they’re really really good. Which is nice.

Able Skills Website / Able Skills Forum Feedback

Construction Skills College Limited Tiling Courses

Construction Skills College Limited Tiling Courses
Construction Skills College Limited Tiling Courses

Construction Skills College Limited (they’re not an official College they’re privately owned by a lovely bloke named Dave Hare). I have always recommended these for the midlands.

Their website name is if you’ve seen it around. These do a bunch of courses again, similar to Able Skills, but they too have focused on keeping the good teachers they have on board and concentrate on keeping them at the training centre.

Construction Skills College Limited Website / Construction Skills College Limited Forum Feedback

Tiling Courses from UK Tiling Training / Formerly North East Tiling Training. Been around Decades, like our forum has

UK Pro Tiling Training Tiling Courses
UK Pro Tiling Training Tiling Courses

UK Pro Tiling Training, by Darren Yorke, who has only done Tiling Courses and stuck to it, in all this time. His courses are second to none. They have loads of good feedback. And they’re the only one out of the three that have sponsored our forum for years, like 16 years or something.

These have LOADS of brilliant feedback on the forum. Loads of separate threads, but one massive long one too.

If I was stuck during lockdown thinking of a career change that allowed me to work outside, be my own boss, work a different house every week, have the ability to make money on buying tiles at trade price and selling them to customers for retail. Then also taking the money for the installation of the tiles too. And the odd time installing electric underfloor heating (dead easy – I’ll do a blog on that too soon). Then I’d consider the three guys mentioned in this blog.

UK Pro Tiling Training Website / UK Pro Tiling Training Forum Feedback

Personally, I’d have to go with UK Tiling Training, as those guys still sponsor the forum. But I actually live in the same county as Construction Skills one. So if they sponsored me, that’d be the easiest and I wouldn’t need to stay over anywhere either. Could come home each night to my wife and daughter.

That all said, I can tile, despite what you might read on some forums that are competitors to mine lol. And I actually even used to teach tiling, a under Paul Riley, who setup the Topps Tiles Fixing Division, and setup BAL’s own Tiling Training Centre.

So I’m actually pretty bloody good.

I just hate tiling now! – I even paid Phil Hobson (RIP) to come do all my own tiling, and even for my ex-wifes parents (paid for by me as they asked me to do it) so that I didn’t have to buy any of the tools again. If I did, I get friends and family thinking I can tile their houses FOC. And I can’t I tell you. I bloody can’t.


We did another blog on tiling courses a bit ago. But this one’s better for sure. Checkout the old one here:-

  • Hi everyone – I have just joined the forum, thanks for having me. Hopefully someone can help me on my search for some quality tiling training. Initially i am looking for some training purely for the purpose of tiling my own house and with a view of potentially starting up a small tiling business here in Cornwall. I have dabbled in the past but wanted to go take a more professional approach. Having looked online I am struggling to find anything close to me, if anyone could help, I would be grateful. Thank you.
  • Can anyone recommend a good tiling course for the Captain ? Looking for change of career. No experience in tiling. 50 year old male…. Unexpended redundancy forces new career path.
  • Courses : Tiling Courses Tiling Taster Course 1 Day Spend a day at YTA and tile a small kitchen Set out and surface prep a kitchen area Tile a small kitchen Grout the kitchen THIS COURSE IS ALSO AVAILABLE AT WEEKENDS please see special offer page for periodic start dates. NVQ level 2 Wall and Floor Tiling 1 Day EWPA EWPA (Experienced Worker Practical Assessment) Resulting in the below qualification. NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Wall & Floor Tiling 1 day assessment for tilers with a minimum of 5 years tiling expereince Various assessment days available to suit candidates. Kitchen […]
  • Hello guys I'm new here I have a question So someone I know is doing a course with ukprotiling and he is a complete beginner but apparently one guy at ukprotiling told him that he can do a 13 day course they offer and that could lead to him passing his OSAT assessment and gaining his blue card in wall and floor tiling I have seen the website and it looks more like it teaches you tiling to start a business not gain your blue card? I don't think he got scammed because it seems like he has learnt alot […]
  • Anybody been on a decent locksmith course? My old man wants to go on one but wants to go on one that somebody has said was good.
  • Iv done a course at the stc group in Essex way for 4 weeks and now doing 6 weeks course at able skills I live dartford southeast London/Kent and not sure how to get a job with a professional after if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.
  • Hi, I have seen uk pro tiling training online now and going to pursue this way as I have a double garage. Anyone else done it this way?
  • tiling course, tiling course uk, uk tiling courses, tiling, The Tiling Training Centre Please leave feedback if you've been on a tiling course at The Tiler Training Centre – Doncaster.
  • If you've been on any of the Goldtrowel Tiling Courses then please leave feedback and reviews in this thread. Goldtrowel is the UKs No.1 NVQ Centre for Tiling Courses. Our wall and floor tiling courses are designed to give you a good understanding in all areas of tiling whether you are a total beginner or someone who has some knowledge of tiling. It is our responsibility to instill confidence in all that you achieve and learn throughout your course. Goldtrowel NVQ Level 2 Wall and Floor Tiling Courses are FULL ON Intensive Courses, Hands On and Practical Courses. By taking […]
  • I am looking for a good tiling course near Exeter. Can anyone please help?

Most Used Tile Adhesive Brands from 2007 to 2019

UK Tiling Forum is Awesome and hits Number One

Visit the main tiling courses forum over on

Free Rated Traders | Find a Tiler

Find a Tiler | Find local trusted tilers for free

Find a Tiler with our new website that we’re working on. It’s in Beta stages right now, we have some test listings on it.

If you’re a friend of Tilers Forums then you’ll know that over the years we’ve attempted to do this a few times and although some worked for a bit, most didn’t. And they didn’t have the facilities needed to make a really nice website that was useable.

Our Old Find a Tiler Website; Find Trusted Tradesmen

We started off years ago with (a domain we gave up years ago as it got spammed heavily and lost it’s dominance in its category). A yellow directory website, similar to Yellow Pages site, it listed tilers and plumbers by category and you searched that category for your area.

Couldn’t Find Trusted Tradesmen

Very clunky. Not easy to use. Didn’t work on mobiles (although mobiles were terrible, iPhones didn’t exist back then so you had the Microsoft type phones if you even had one, and it was more of a PDA than a phone. Like a tiny laptop that was slow.

Free Rated Traders to Find a Tiler Local to You Fast and Easy – and FREE!

Find a Tiler with Ratings and Reviews that are Genuine and Vetted by Peers!

We have this website now that we’ve had behind the scenes for a while. We’re running it through some more testing. And have a few dummy listings on it right now. Then we’ll be working on the Trusted Advisors on all our forums first. Then we’ll let it go out to all other people who want to get a listing, all for free.

Hopefully we’ll start cutting into the market share that MyBuilder, CheckaTrade, RatedPeople and all the others that either charge the customer / homeowner, or charge the contractor / tiler – which means either way that money is being paid in some sense by the customer (and being charged on their job in some way by the tradesperson).

Find Local Tilers on Tilers Forums has been running since 2006 and has the largest database of wall and floor tilers in the UK. You can post a thread on the forum for free, and allow professional tilers to contact you via the forum. Each tiler will have a searchable profile on the forum where you can see tiling advice they’ve provided to fellow peers.

Click here to visit

Free Rated Traders by Ekthetikos.

Not sure we’ll make a massive dent with Free Rated Traders. But why are people still paying for services like these that can be free! Not sure. Perhaps we’ll find out soon enough when we’re struggling for a budget. Maybe we’ll need investors at some point then to take it to the next level.

Find Your Local Traders:-

Some of our friends.