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  • Hi fellow forum dwellers, am a distraught customer looking for some advice. We did an extension and got water pipe UFH installed throughout the ground floor close to 100sqm. The WFH was left to dry for 4 weeks before the tiling was commissioned. We purchased glazed porcelain tiles from TilePlus in Oldbury. The store were […]
  • I have a customer who lives in a 200 year old property. The lounge floor he wants tiled which is very thick concrete. He wants electric underfloor heating but I'm concerned he'll lose too much heat into the concrete. He's gone with tumbled modular limestone and the floor is quite wavy which they want to […]
  • Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew roughly the cost of running electric underfloor heating? I am aware that different systems will be slightly different but just a general estimate from peoples experience. I am asking as was building an extension in our house and weighing up the cost of underfloor as opposed to […]
  • Hi all, Having been doing a lot of reading but have come for some advice if at all possible, please. We had a major flood on the downstairs of our home and to cut a long story short, under the tiles weren’t drying so they had to come up. The tiles that were taken up […]
  • Hi All, Need an advice with regards to underfloor heating and which brand to go for… Need about 7m2 200w for my conservatory, 6m2 150w for kitchen and around 2m2 150w for bathroom. There is so many brands to choose from Warmup, ProWarm, WarmStar, Underfloor Heating Co and I'm bit lost as I'm not too […]
  • Anyone used it ? DCM – PRO System | Heated Floor Mat | Warmup – http://www.warmup.co.uk/underfloor-heating/electric/dcm-pro-system There's a video on there, that self adhesive mat… really ?
  • Not really the right forum but has anybody fitted vario pro to walls . I fixed up membrane today and going to cable tomorrow .
  • Hi, i wonder if anyone has had issues with underfloor heating escaping from area by kickboards, where the tile is cut to feet of units? Thanks in advance
  • Been asked to tile a floor, 20m over a sand and cement screed that's literally not been laid yet and they don't want to wait for 100+ days Has anyone used vario pro over a screed in this situation? I know they say you can do it, I was recommended using tilemaster ultimate, any more […]
  • Hi I am in the process of fitting a new En suite out and have recently bought a 2m2 heat mat with digital timer. So far I have chased through the walls, ran the electric feed to a fused spur (3A – it's only 150w rating) and ran conduit to the floor ready for the […]
  • Hi Guys, in my current bathroom job its been a late decision to have an electric underfloor heating mat. Its 18mm chipboard well screwed down and I've bought, cut and laid 6mm Hardiebacker but not fixed or glued it yet. Shall i do away with the Hardie and just screw and glue 6mm insulation boards […]
  • Hi All, I'm finishing an extension off next week by installing a UFL heating system,I've done a few before but not for a while. I'm happy with everything,but I'd just like to ask peoples thoughts on what SLC to use. Are some better than others ? I've got about 34m2 to do if that helps
  • Hi all, I'm hoping you can advise me on a few things. We have recently had underfloor heating installed. All was going well however whilst the builder was fitting the system, I noticed that he was using Everbuild 708 levelling compound to embed the wires. I could see anywhere on the packet that it is […]
  • Hi All, I'm new on here, just started advertising to do Tiling and quickly found myself in deep water. I'm a Carpenter/Joiner by trade, so over the years iv done tones of Kitchens and Bathrooms and quite a few big floor areas too, but the first few jobs Iv been to see are pretty big, […]
  • I have a problem developing with tiles laid over water UFH in anhydrite screed. A few tiles are sounding hollow and are slowly becoming loose. The floor was 'scarified' using an orbital floor machine with a rotating disc with points underneath. The floor was then treated with a primer apparently suitable for anhydrite screeds ( […]

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