Another First for UK Tiling Forum; Crossing the 1 Million Posts Mark Soon

UK Tiling Forum

It appears the other UK Tiling Forum is using a Free WordPress (that’s fine) but they went for wpForo instead of bridging with invision power boards and bridging the membership, or using phpBB which is much better for seo than wpForo. And they have LOTS of Very Serious Zero-Day Exploits. They’re server-side so end up accessing most of the database.

First forum of mine to get hacked: in about 2008

First blog to get hacked: around 2015

UK Tiling Forum for England

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We wish them a speedy recovery and hope they confirm or deny that any user data has been breached whilst mitigating it can help the main problem is the owner, that Andys Tile Tiling guy from Stile. Don’t know why he didn’t use Stile in his business name, weird.

Anyway, his forum is running actual bad stuff, and he knows nothing about websites. And his wife is trying her best bless her but the forum just doesn’t seem to have worked.

It’s certainly NOT being searched for much at all, we have many blogs and forums ranking for all terms they do (and much more obviously) and for the ones they rank for, no traffic comes from it to them.

They’re also not using something to change the Meta Description on all forum and post pages. You’re welcome with that one. Anybody who knows websites knows to rank it needs to have Meta Description and Meta Title. Well they have nowt. So you’re welcome there guys I’ve just helped you out a bit. No hard feelings eh.

For any adhesive companies or tile shops want to check the stats then get in touch with me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you start when tiling a bathroom wall?

You would start in the centre. Find your centre line but horizontal and vertical. Then use that and a tile staff to help make you be able see the tiles on the wall, in your imagination. And the key then is moving the setting out up and down, left and right, so that you end up with NO small cuts around the window, door, internal or external corners etc. Once you’re happy, use a level to prop the first bottom row on and keep the level level with lose tiles under it. Spacers if you need to.