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  • Most tutorials suggest 'pushing firmly'. How do you know how firmly, and how can you ensure that each tile is 'equally' pushed into adhesive, ensuring it's level?
  • How do you know when you need a new scoring wheel on a manual (Rubi) tile cutter? Is there anyway to know before tiles aren’t snapping cleanly?
  • Hey All, So we're in the midst of a project and it's been interesting. Is there a type of edging that can be used to "hide" and/or protect the edges of the tile that are protruding? While some are flush many are not (I realize the walls are uneven and the thin set was not […]
  • Hello, after watching so many instructional videos and planing, I just can't understand how to tile a simple drywall construction in our bathroom. I got some good advice here so I hope you guys can help me on this one. Basically, there is a drywall construction (1.10 m high, 20 cm deep) where the installations […]
  • So probably a basic question but this is my first attempt at tiling and want to get it absolutely right. If I start with a full tile from the upstands, there are several sockets which would be in the way of the 2nd row. Would it be better to reduce the height of the 1st […]
  • As stated we love seeing your DIY stuff! Take a couple of photos and show off your project here!!! I'll go first with my dad's handiwork tiling the bathroom!
  • Hi, super basic question, Okay to prime standard multifinish surface and left to dry the day before tiler comes, with Bond It SBR Admixture 1:1 with water? SBR Admixture A styrene butadiene copolymer latex, which increases flexibility of cement screeds and mortars and improves water and chemical resistance and durability. – Thanks!
  • Hi! I'm having a new extension built on my house. In fact, I've spent today putting in the CAT6 ethernet network (cables and conduit) and bashing through the old gable wall to join the two lofts. But that's another story. My wife also ordered the 600x400mm porcelaine floor tiles (10mm thick) from Topps. I've got […]
  • hi guys, please excuse my terminology if i dont describe my current diy job. i have just ordered tools from amazon… cube laser, trowel, float, grout etc… i have not ordered the leveling tile kit yet as there are so many to choose from so hopefully someone can recommend a cheap good kit. anyways, i […]
  • I am about to embark on tiling my bathroom floor and looking for a bit of advice. I have tiled a couple of floors before but always onto concrete and have gathered that upstairs floors need some different considerations. The house was built in 2013. The floor is solid and even. I am not 100% […]
  • Today was day 1 of my downstairs bathroom renovation. Remove accessories like towel rail, shelves, mirror, panel heater, toilet roll sculpture etc. Remove basin, cistern and toilet and bath. Drain plumbing, disconnect redundant pipes and cap open pipes, make wiring safe. Break down brick surround that supported the bath with a jack hammer and break […]
  • Any advice please. I had porcelain tiles put in my bathroom 12 months ago. Gradually on one wall they have started to lift and are rocking when touched. The wall behind these tiles is clinker block that has been skimmed with plaster. Can anybody advise me why this has happened and will the tiles be […]
  • Back tiling again after a long break and loving it!!! After mixing grout with a teaspoon – forgot to wash it and now it's caked and hard. Is there a nifty technique or do I just stab it with a veggie knife till it all comes off? Please don't tell me what I should have […]
  • Hi guys, I will be doing a kitchen splashback using metro tiles. The tiles are 10cm x 20cm in size. Should I go with 2mm spacers or 3mm spacers? Grout is Mapei Keracolor Super Fine (SF). Thank you.
  • Hi all First post on here as need some advice. We are building a house and have got to the point where the floors need tiling. The floor is a sand and cement screed that was NOT poured. It has been in the house since August. The screed contains water based UFH which has not […]

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