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Tiling Courses can be hard to find locally. Especially well established ones that are tiling-only courses rather than training centres that run all sorts of training courses such as plumbing courses and electrical courses too. Not that all those who run other courses are poor when it comes to running only tiling ones. Some have very established tiling training teachers and have plenty of honest legitimate feedback online. But others over the years have gotten too big too quickly and gone bump after they have taken honest money from trainees that are yet to start any of their course.

Tiling Courses by UK Pro Tiling Training
Tiling Courses by UK Pro Tiling Training

We often say make sure that you go visit as many training centre’s as you can, this way you will find out what they look like, get a feel for whether you’re having a sales-type push on you, and even if you can speak to previous course trainees to see what their view of the training centre is.

Established Tiling Courses Feedback and Reviews

TilersForums.co.uk started in 2006, and a massive advantage to that is we have a lot of training centre feedback over the years and you can see how long some of them have been running and what their past course attendees have said about them.

Tiling Courses and Tiling NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling
UK Pro Tiling Training Previous Course Trainee

Then of course years on, some are running quite decent tiling companies and are still forum members, so you can see which ones worked out for that individual person.

Some Tiling Courses Reviews and Discussion from TilersForums.com

Note that the following forum discussion is just that, open discussion. Don’t take it all as fact. Always do your own research into tiling courses whether independent courses or college tiling courses!

  • Hi everyone – I have just joined the forum, thanks for having me. Hopefully someone can help me on my search for some quality tiling training. Initially i am looking for some training purely for the purpose of tiling my own house and with a view of potentially starting up a small tiling business here in Cornwall. I have dabbled in the past but wanted to go take a more professional approach. Having […]
  • Can anyone recommend a good tiling course for the Captain ? Looking for change of career. No experience in tiling. 50 year old male…. Unexpended redundancy forces new career path.
  • Courses : Tiling Courses Tiling Taster Course 1 Day Spend a day at YTA and tile a small kitchen Set out and surface prep a kitchen area Tile a small kitchen Grout the kitchen THIS COURSE IS ALSO AVAILABLE AT WEEKENDS please see special offer page for periodic start dates. NVQ level 2 Wall and Floor Tiling 1 Day EWPA EWPA (Experienced Worker Practical Assessment) Resulting in the below qualification. NVQ Level 2 […]
  • Hello guys I'm new here I have a question So someone I know is doing a course with ukprotiling and he is a complete beginner but apparently one guy at ukprotiling told him that he can do a 13 day course they offer and that could lead to him passing his OSAT assessment and gaining his blue card in wall and floor tiling I have seen the website and it looks more like […]
  • Anybody been on a decent locksmith course? My old man wants to go on one but wants to go on one that somebody has said was good.
  • Iv done a course at the stc group in Essex way for 4 weeks and now doing 6 weeks course at able skills I live dartford southeast London/Kent and not sure how to get a job with a professional after if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.
  • Hi, I have seen uk pro tiling training online now and going to pursue this way as I have a double garage. Anyone else done it this way?
  • tiling course, tiling course uk, uk tiling courses, tiling, The Tiling Training Centre Please leave feedback if you've been on a tiling course at The Tiler Training Centre – Doncaster.
  • If you've been on any of the Goldtrowel Tiling Courses then please leave feedback and reviews in this thread. Goldtrowel is the UKs No.1 NVQ Centre for Tiling Courses. Our wall and floor tiling courses are designed to give you a good understanding in all areas of tiling whether you are a total beginner or someone who has some knowledge of tiling. It is our responsibility to instill confidence in all that you […]
  • I am looking for a good tiling course near Exeter. Can anyone please help?
Checkout the UK Pro Tiling Training feedback and reviews on TilersForums.com

Tiling NVQ Level 2 Wall and Floor Tiling

If you’re looking for a Tiling NVQ, which is called the NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling, then you’ll need to either look for a local college course that runs the Tiling NVQ. Or look for an independent training centre that can help build your personal tiling portfolio, and then help with getting you some onsite assessment via the OSAT route. (more info needed)

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