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As a forum we’ve always promoted Tiling Courses in one way or another. Over the years we’ve had a fair few companies on the forum, whether as sponsors or just regular posting members. We in fact started out with Ant from

Tiling Courses
Tiling Courses

Chase Tiling Academy, and he did help the forum grow quite quickly back in 2006 and 2007. (Sadly they’re not around anymore.)

Before TilersForums.co.uk was even online there was TileForums.com, which Dan also founded whilst working for a tiling training company in Staffordshire called Professional Independent Training Techniques. And that forum also supported tiling courses, albeit the PITT tiling courses.

But the theory behind the heavy support of the tiling training industry is that the newbies have a lot of questions, so they’re the ones that can use a forum well, and often. Which clearly quickly gets one going, and then those tilers become established, and they become the ones providing the advice.

Years After Providing Courses – We Still Need Courses!

There’s a bit of a myth, in most trades not just tiling, that if we provide advice on a forum to others, we’ll be devaluing the trade and perhaps end up teaching your local competitor something that you do well and therefore you’ll get less work, or need to reduce your prices to gain work.

To be frank that’s rubbish. Even last month there was a type of course that not only a couple of newbies attended, nearly all others were very established highly-skilled tilers who wanted to know about large-format porcelain tiles and the adhesive and methods that fix them. Along with the cutters that cut them. And all the other related products that go along with them.

The Future of Tiling Courses

Who knows what the future will hold in tiling courses and training? Well, the tilers. On the forum we’ve got a Tiling Courses Forum┬ácategory that all of our tilers use, not just newbies, still to this day. You’ll find information in there related to some of the best brands such as Schluter Systems, PorcelThin, Mapei, TileMaster and many others. Usually held over a day or two at a tile distributor.

Not only that, for the newbies coming into the industry, they respectfully get advice from their peers, along with finding companies such as UK Pro Tiling Training who have been providing tiling courses in the UK for a decade now. Darren and Tracey are well respected in the tile industry and provide fast track courses that really do help get your foot in the door when it comes to re-skilling later in life, or starting out young. We have quite a few tilers on the forum who trained with them back in the day, and are now ‘Trusted Advisors’ on the forum.

Learn to Tile
Learn to Tile

Types of Tiling Courses and Training

There are only a few ways to get into the tiling trade. One it via College Courses, of which there aren’t that many. The course start times are usually annual (so you have to try to fit around it) and they can be quite long. Some report that the odd one may lack in materials and funding for materials, so there’s a lot of class work. While others do have some of the best support around. So it’s a bit hit and miss.

Then there are the short courses, which most people try to get on. But again there are some that setup just providing lots of different course types and hire in tutors. Which sometimes change over time.

But there are some that only provide tiling, which can often be the better type as they’ll concentrate on just tiling courses.

Common intensive tiling courses include:-

  • – Weekend Tiling Courses
  • – Evening Tiling Courses
  • – 1 Week Basic or DIY Tiling Course
  • – 2 Week Tiling Course which might include tiling with stone and the likes
  • – 3 Week Tiling Course which might also include underfloor heating installation etc
  • – 4 Week Tiling Course which may cover the quoting and measuring of the jobs as well as the above
  • – 6 Week Intensive Tiling Courses which will include more practice and tutoring of all the above

Which ever you choose you wont be a fully fledged tiler by the end of it, even if you did the NVQ college route. You’ll need experience and lots of it. But it’s a starting point for sure.

Go check the forum out and see what you think. ­čÖé



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