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  • I've got a kitchen install coming up and the client wants floor tiles. Half the room is a concrete slab and half is floorboards on joists. It will all have backer boards. Could there problems with grout cracking on the transition between sub floors?
  • Hi My daughter has black slate tiles on her patio, they have become grey and stained with a white residue, I have tried pressure washing and scrubbing etc but no change. What product would restore them back to black please Thanks Peter
  • Hello, I am hoping I may be able to get some advice. 2 years ago we had a new kitchen fitted and paid the company to fit the tiles at the time. My wife selected quartz resin tiles the kitchen company did not supply them so another supplier. these tiles are 60×60 starluxe tiles, the adhesive and gout were supplied by the tile supplier. fast forward to 6 months ago and 90% of the tiles have started to lift, grout started to come away on all the joints. We don't have underfloor heating. But we do have patio doors. (not […]
  • Hi, We're having some work done on the home and having some natural stone tiles fitted into our kitchen and orangery. The tiles that we will be using are natural honed quartzite/slate. However, I am unsure as to which brand of sealant would be best. The supplier of the tiles recommends that the Fila XP90 is used as it is an impregnating sealant, and the one they use. I want to ensure that the work is done well and lasts, and after looking online, many suggest the Lithofin stain-stop. Our tiler has suggested that either of these would be good […]
  • Hi all, would really appreciate any advice you can give with a bit of a problem! I've just about finished laying a slate patio, but haven't yet grouted. The tiles are 600x600x~12mm. I've laid them on a bed of mortar (4:1 sharp sand/cement with a splash of plasticizer) on top of well cured concrete slab. I coated the backs of the tiles with a SBR/cement slurry before bedding them down. Everything seemed fine at first but now i've noticed that a dozen or so tiles have become loose, and just lift off the bed. The bed is well bonded to […]
  • Bathroom fitters finishing job tomorrow, is it necessary for them to seal around the base and corners before they leave?
  • I've stuck a 12mm hardiebacker board onto a brick wall with adhesive & will be screwing it to. Which screws & what size should I use for this?
  • Coming to the end of a bathroom fit, just inspected some trim fitted at a corner yesterday and where 2 trims meet it juts out 5mm creating a sharp point. Doesn't seem correct to me. What is the solution when I speak to them next week?
  • I have had issues with our contractor regarding the quality of his work, however when confronted with the issues around his sloppy grouting his response to was to tell me to keep the outstanding money and find someone else to finish the work! So my main question is can this be fixed? and if so whats involved as this is just a small sample of the tiling
  • I’m installing a bath in this area. There used to be a shower there & that brick wall had a board over it which was soggy & weakened so I removed it back to the brick. I’ve bought a 12mm hardiebacker board to put over the brick area. I’m aware I have to install with an adhesive & screws but which adhesive & screw should I use? Also do I need to pva the brick or not?
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