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  • I plan to lay a circa 8m x 4m patio using a concrete slab and fixing with tile adhesive. The porcelain tiles will be 1200 x 600 or 900 x 450, I want to use a half bond with the longest edge parallel to the 8m length of the slab. The slab will need at least one expansion/movement joint which will be perpendicular to the 8m edge. I presume that the tiles will need a join that runs along/over the top of any expansion/movement joint and I'm looking for advice on I) how should the tile joint which runs over […]
  • Hi, I’m not a tiler – which is why I have one in working away on my new kitchen floor! However I struggle to see the floor lasting very long due to the amount of void under the tiles. I raised my concerns with the man in charge of the project who said the tiler has since explained that he will ‘pump the gaps with adhesive’. So can someone help me out to validate my fears or alleviate them…. The floor was uneven and a little unsteady previously. It has been ply’d out and a LOT of screws/nails put in. […]
  • what is the recommended gap that should be left between the tiles that meet at internal corners on the walls? Also what gap should be left around the floor perimeter. Perimeter gap would be covered by the bottom wall tile. tiles are 12mm thick porcelain. 1200X600
  • Please see rough sketch. My ensuite is 2×2 m with the door opening into the left into the room. I have a 900×900 quadrant shower with an electric shower. Sink on same wall. Where the toilet is, that's the exterior wall. Window above toilet. All walls and floor tiled! I'm going to revamp it all. Add a thermostat shower along with the electric shower and maybe keep this on the same wall where the shower is now. Instead of kangooing into the wall, I might just batten it out, and either cement board or plasterboard for tiling. The battened wall […]
  • Hi all. Fitting contour disabled access half height , bi fold shower doors for parents. Lining up with shower tray and there's no joist where the U metal compensator needs to be fixed to tile on pb wall. Instructions say drill hole with 10 masonry bit and use wall plugs supplied. Screws are 8 X 50mm The door is bifold ( aluminium frame with obscure plastic ( not glass) inset about 900mm in total with central bifold . Issue apart from lack of joist is that the tiles are smallish and laid in an offset pattern ( metro style) and […]
  • Hi guys A little advice if possible I have a bathroom 2.6 x1.9 on joists 18” gaps New weyroc floor Ufh is on spreader plates in between and a wet board flush into the area So my question is decoupling mat or not ? For this size area is it needed Will there be that much flex? There have been extra noggins put in situ but ?? Porcelain tiles 600 x 300 going down on Mapei s9
  • Hi, a few years ago I used SLC in a conservatory on to the original concrete base. I primed and followed the pack instructions and info I found on here and let it set for a few weeks I think before tiling over it (I don't rush these things) Now the tiles sound hollow in certain areas. I removed a chipped tile and realised all of the SLC is dust now. I have a couple of boxes of left over tiles. Would I be right in thinking I should lift the rest of the tiles in the high traffic area? […]
  • I have approx 14sqm of 200 x 100 ceramic metro tiles to grout, tiles are 6mm thick with 2mm spacers. Would a 5kg bag of grout (Mapei Keracolor) cover it? I've used a couple of grout calculators online which say I need less than 5kg but this just doesn't look enough to me? Have to order this particular colour online so don't want to pay delivery cost twice in case I need more Thanks
  • Morning all Can anybody suggest a decent trade rated tiling shops in the Leeds area? Looking for a supplier of addy/grout etc. I'm new to tiling and i have been using screwfix. Many thanks Ben
  • Hi – I have been asked to tile a kitchen floor which currently has Karndean (Or other such…) type flooring stuck possibly onto a thin board, but it is ultimately all stuck to a concrete/screed subfloor. I've never been asked to lift this type of flooring before doing the tiling work, so… Does it leave the whole subfloor sticky? Can you then tile straight onto that or does the sticky stuff have to be removed/treated? Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers Broughty Tiler
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