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  • I have been looking everywhere online for a place to purchase unsanded grout in London. I have gone to B & Q as well as Homebase and figured as much as they would not have it, however, I do do need to find it somewhere. Any insight is greatly appreciated on where I can get this. Thanks you! qubed
  • I just sealed my calcium ****** floor with tilemaster+ primer which requires a 3:1 coat and a following coat of undiluted primer. OK with that but I wonder is it OK to prime this weekend and lay tiles on it next weekend or is that not going to work?
  • Hi everyone, I have seen this question has been asked before on here but I want to get a definitive answer. I have just used Mapei Kerapoxy to grout my granite tile kitchen worktop and am now wondering how long it will take to set. I have scoured the internet for the answer to my question and I have seen so many different answers usually one of 24hrs, 4days, 14 days. I know there are different variations of Kerapoxy including Kerapoxy Design, Kerapoxy SP, Kerapoxy CQ, Kerapoxy Adhesive etc but I just have the plain 5kg tub of Kerapoxy in […]
  • Hi, I'm not sure if this is a tiling question, but here goes. The guys who installed the railings on our front porch broke the step, while drilling for the post. I've been the route of getting them to fix it, but that was a waste of time; so I'm now left with two options: replacing the entire cap (12"x2"x72") "black limestone pool coping" OR repairing what I have. I would like to address the repair option first, since 'I' can do it, at a much lower cost. I'm thinking that a good (epoxy or ???), which will withstand the […]
  • I'm interested to know if anyone has used SLC over Durabase CI++. I know that Schulter advise against using SLC over Ditra but is it the same with Durabase CI++? Having had a look at the technical data sheets etc there is no mention unlike Schulter who state not too. I also note from comments on the forum here that it's important to fully fill the voids with Ditra but that Durabase is slightly different.
  • We had our kitchen floor tiled in large plank-style porcelain tiles (90cm x 15cm) about 2 years ago. The tiler tiled them onto caberboard and there is also an underfloor heating mat under there too. Since then we’ve had grout popping and tiles cracking left, right and centre. In total about 5 tiles have had to be replaced and we’ve now got another 8 that need replacing and there’s clearly lots of movement and deflection. I count at least 30 tiles where there is movement. I’m aware that the ultimate solution is to rip it all up and start again […]
  • Had a builder put a floating floor down and I refused to tile on it and said that I wanted it screeded. The builder rang the plasterer to do the screed and he said can you leave the celotex insulation down and I will screed over that. I'm not happy that this is going to be a secure surface either as the celotex isn't fixed to the substrate. The plasterer said that he's done it loads of times and it will be fine. It sounds to me that he's trying to make it easier for himself by not laying as […]
  • Hi, I'm wanting to tile over kitchen floor tiles, tiles are soundly stuck down. Main issue is they're smooth and shiny. Cannot be arsed to grind them. What's the best primer before laying over them. Thanks in advance
  • Hi Everyone, I’m a new DIY tiler looking to do my bathroom and downstairs toilet. The amount of adhesives and grouts out there is a little overwhelming and confusing for us newbies so was hoping for someone to shed some light on which ones would be best for me… Substrates: The bathroom has new plasterboard walls and the floors are old wooden boards which I will overlay with backer boards before tiling. The downstairs toilet is concrete floor, good quality and flat with plasterboard walls but these have white emulsion on them which I was planning on sanding back… (?) […]
  • Hello, We had a tiler come round to tile our bathroom before a plumber comes to fit a new suite. The tiler retiled the floor a week ago and some of the floor tiles are clearly moving and still stuck down. The tiler says it’s normal and we should leave it a few weeks to dry – but I think he might be fobbing us off. One if the tiles is not only moving, but is not flat and rocks from side to side if you walk on it. We’ve got a heater in the bathroom and it’s pretty warm […]
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