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  • At we are debating at the moment wether we should sell Mapei Keraflex white or Bostik/Evostik OPF. I'd like some feed back from the guys on the front line as they both have similiar specs -any thoughts?
  • Hi guys, I'm a homeowner and a DIY enthusiast. I have two small areas to tile. A front hall and a pantry area. Ceramic tiles (small) and using Ditra matt. Both areas are over concrete. From my research online they say it is important to use unmodified mortar. I live in Dublin Ireland. Any advice on which type and brand of adhesive I should use. I know unmodified is an American term and part of the problem was that my info was coming from US sources. Thanks in advance for any help offered.
  • Does anyone have experience of this grout in the long term? I have used it a couple of times and for usability it is very good. Just wondering how close the stain resistance of this is compared to actual epoxy? I Have a customer who wants epoxy to prevent discolouring in the long term but I may suggest this as it saves cost and if performance can be vouched for i'd rather use this over epoxy. They (Kerakoll) claim its the best of both but I'm sceptical of how well it will perform compared to epoxy.
  • After using black grout on my beige porcelain matt tiles, it's left stains that won't come off with water on a kitchen sponge scrubber. Is there a correct way/product to do this?
  • hi all im preping a bathroom today. iv removed a lot of loose skim from the walls (all of it really ) one wall has areas of well stuck skim and areas without skim. also there is a fair bit of the plaster coming off while im taking off the solid skim (to make it all even) iv got a good kango so removing all the plaster isnt a problem would it be ok to strip it back to the blocks. and tile straight onto that ( hoping its straight etc enough). thanks alan
  • Some muppets went and used a bright white grout restorer pen on some beigey porcelain tiles with a mid toned ivory grout. However instead of trying it in an inconspicuous location they have trid it out in the middle of the main focal point wall and upon realising it was vastly different just left it. So my question is, what or how is the best method to remove this (and all the crayon the children coloured bits of grout with) from the grout and surrounding tiles? Customer doesnt want to pay for regrouting
  • Hi, I have tiled several hundred square metres of tiles, wall and floor, over four houses and never had any problems..until now. I recently decided to tile an ensuite. The surface was osb and the floor has a run off. I laid backerboard onto the osb for a nice surface. I decided to use two bags of good quality powdered flexi floor adhesive. They were stored dry in my shed for about 18 months. The problems. Where the tiles were laid with a light bed the adhesive is dry but crumbly. Where I had to use a thick bed (floor […]
  • I've been grouting our kitchen floor with Ultracolour Plus. First of all, I found it difficult to spread the grount and every time I went over it with my spreader, I just gragged more out. If I wet it, the problem went away, but that moistened the surface quite a bit – shoudl I avoid it. Secondly, I think I've wiped away too much grout. The grout is slightly sunken relative to the tile edge. Should I be able to get it completely flush? In which case, can I just spread a little more grout over the top – will […]
  • I was wondering what terrazzo tiles are grouted with? Is it normal floor grout or is it a resin epoxy grout.. Can anyone tell me? If its resin where can i get some?
  • Evening all, Been to look at 80m2 of 22 mm limestone flagstone to be installed onto limescreed with wet ufh.never tiled onto this kind of screed before so after recommendations as to Addy's and primers and sealer to use.oh,there are some underlations in screed so hoping there's a sl out there that will work with this screed also 😊TIA
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