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  • Which tile adhesive have you most used during 2021? Reply with the make, and upvote if you've used that one also. We'll see who gets the most upvotes. And I'll mark that adhesive make the winner. I wont be disallowing new members from getting involved, unlike previous years, so just register for a free account and vote away.
  • If using grey adhesive, can that dark colour bleed into grout or stain pale tiles from below? I have come across mention of it on here, but seemed a nebulous concept. Tried to search about and its not clear. It seems to be the case that adhesive dark colour can come through on pale tiles or grout in some cases. But cant work out if its dependent on the adhesive, the tile, on the added effect of damp or what. Tiling with white 60×30 porcelains on wall and pale grey on floor. Mapei adhesive and grout. Floor grouting with pale […]
  • I plan to lay a circa 8m x 4m patio using a concrete slab and fixing with tile adhesive. The porcelain tiles will be 1200 x 600 or 900 x 450, I want to use a half bond with the longest edge parallel to the 8m length of the slab. I'm looking for recomendations on adhesive and a levelling system. Kerakoll Biogel No Limits Standard set has been suggested as a good easy to use (for a DIY'er) adhesive with a circa 3 hr potlife, any views on this product or alternatives welcome. I've used a Genisis levelling system on […]
  • hi all has any one used this decoupling mat by BAL yet. Was talking to there REP today and am thinking about using it on a job which is getting an anhydrite screed. there seam to be alot of advantages to using this product but need to know your views
  • I use BAL APD to prime plaster before using bagged adhesive, but was wondering what is BAL SDR used for? Is it a similar product? Cheers
  • Hi everyone, The floor tiles I have are 600×600 white gloss which have a slight rounded edge to them so how do I get a purfect grout lines? will the normal wash with sponge achieve this just like the flat edge tiles or do I need a tool to do this? Thanks in advance, Gary.
  • I am about to try tiling a splashback, having only tiled once before (10+ years ago) I've watched a few YT videos so think I know what to do, but there are so many brands of adhesive available, from well-known names to own brand names. I'll be using 200 x 100 ceramic tiles and think ready mixed adhesive will be easier. Which brands are good ? Are there any brands to avoid ? many thanks !
  • please help I'm having a new bathroom installed and the tiler has finished his part and grouted everything. The fitter said he will grout over the silicone. Just wanted to check this is ok? I have a shower tray and a bath. The bath panel is tiled, and where the bath panel reaches the lip of the bath is grouted and he said that doesn't need silicone- it's a 5mm gap. Though I've heard that due to movement it will crack so should be siliconed. But if so can I ask him to silicone over the grout? And around the […]
  • What do you think of Tilemaster products? (broken link removed)
  • Hi, I'm interested in the problem of ettringite formation on Calcium Sulphate floor screeds when in contact with cement based tile adhesives. I work for a GGBS, Ground Granulate Blastfurnace Slag, producer in Ireland and our product works exceptionally well in mitigating sulphate attack (ettringite formation being one) in concrete. I'm wondering has anybody come across GGBS in cement based tile adhesives, I believe our product could work very well in this area any may possibly remove the need for a sealer/primer when using calcium sulphate floor screeds and cement based tile adhesives and possibly open up the use of […]
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