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DIY Tiling Advice for the UK Wall and Floor Tilers that might be less experienced or weekend warriors perhaps. They’re all still welcome on the forum as you will see.

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  • Hi all, Doing my first DIY bathroom tiling job, just a 2x3m space, but have run into an issue with primer… One of the walls is an external solid wall (Victorian property) and this wall was rendered, then skimmed with gypsum plaster (months ago). I heard that I needed to prime this wall before tiling, so bought some Tilemaster Flexmaster primer which I diluted 3:1 and gave the wall 2 light coats, as per the instructions. This was a couple of days ago. On this wall I am only tiling up to 1.3m, and the upper part of the wall […]
  • Hi all, new to this forum and looking for advice / reassurance. I'm getting my hallway tiled and it's an old house, built circa 1900. It still has the original floorboards and after getting a few quotes, the tiler who can do the job says I only need to put down anti fracture mats over the wooden floorboards. Others had said I'd need Hardieback over them. I'm worried I spend all this money and the tiles end up cracking, but he reassured me that I only need the antifracture mats + the flexible grout. Does this sound right to you […]
  • Im wanting to lay underfloor heating mesh and then tile in a bathroom. Currently there are old rank floorboards. Ive had a look around and ive found this insulated board from tilemaster: Tilemaster Adhesives Delta Board Thermal Construction Board – 1200×600 Tilemaster Adhesives Delta Board Thermal Construction Board – 1200 x 600. Heat Insulating & Waterproof Construction / Tilebacker Board. Is this a good product versus say the pro warm insulated backer boards? Would these screw directly through the old boards to the joists? Or would i need to put chipboard down first and then these and so on?? […]
  • Hi Ive recently embarked on a mental mission to tile my bathroom despite no prior experience. I’ve tried my best to prepare the tile surface. so, stripped everything back to bare brick, primed and stuck elements backer board on. Much ti my annoyance, I’ve not managed ti get it perfectly flat vertically. It’s out over a span of 1.8m by 3mm. What’s the best way of dealing with this? Adhesive on walls with a notched trowel and back buttering on tiles? Thanks in advance for any help offered. PS in the internal corners, is it best to leave an expansion […]
  • Hi I’m a total beginner. I had a builder fit some laminate in dining room and while he did that he noticed we had the tiles for the hallway. Long story short he did the tiling but after few months we had grout coming up and tiles coming loose. Then discovered he hadn’t put anything over the top of the floor boards and just tiled onto them. I have decided to try and retile the hallway. I have fitted no more ply 6mm and screwed it down and also used the mega adhesive as recommended by no more ply. What […]
  • Hi I am going to be tiling the walls in our cloakroom, approx 6m2. Tiles are 400x250x8 ceramic. Can anyone recommend a tile cutter
  • Hi I'm not sure about the best preparation to tile over an area that has both wooden floor and concrete (with underfloor heating in). I'm thinking about tiling with porcelain planks. should the prep be plywood with staggered joins (perhaps made of 2 layers glued with staggered joins) nailed to floorboards and flex glued to concrete then de-coupling something layer and then the tiles. perhaps no more ply is better? any ideas or recommendations on materials/make-up?
  • Howdy all. Wonder if you can help with a question about sealing a DIY SLC job before tiling it. A professional recommended using a self levelling compound on an old concrete kitchen floor but let us down due to being too busy to do the job. A 2nd "professional" tried to put down a SLC but failed miserably (3x). Seeing him in action on the 3rd time, we realised he was out of his depth and thought we might get someone else to do it before getting him to tile later. Unfortunately his efforts had to be lifted up (cracked […]
  • Hi I've recently built a roof terrace at the end of a loft extension, its around 8m2 I built the roof using 7" timber with a 300mm spacing. This was then lined with 18mm OSB. The roofers have put a Cromar GRP top coat ontop of the OSB. I have some 20mm x 800mm x 600mm natural slate tiles I want to lay on the GRP. Here is a short video of the space: View: The roof is really solid with no movements at all. I was hoping that I can lay the tiles directly on to the GRP. […]
  • Hi all, Have a question about how/when best to install tile trim – probably quite basic! One of my walls has a 5 inch recess, and the wall will be tiled up to a height of 1.3m. The recess means I have an external corner to deal with and I want to install the tile trim across the top of the tiles and on the vertical of the external corner. Planning to use a rounded trim with a rounded 'plug in' corner bit, but haven't bought anything yet. My question is mainly around when to install the trim. Is it […]
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