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DIY Tiling Advice for the UK Wall and Floor Tilers that might be less experienced or weekend warriors perhaps. They’re all still welcome on the forum as you will see.

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  • Hi Everyone! New to tiling so probably the easiest questions you’ll be asked but… I have a downstairs toilet and kitchen splash back I need to tile. The toilet has not tiling in place already whereas the kitchen I will need to remove pre-existing tiles. All walls are drywall that have been painted with emulsion by previous owners. 1) will removing the tiles from the kitchen drywall likely cause damage? If it does how would I go about fixing this before i re-tile? 2) I’ve read in numerous places that tiling over paint is a huge no-no but then I’ve […]
  • Hi, I have to tile an area abovr the bath which will be a shower enclosure. Some of the plaster I've had to knock off and replace as it was blown. I was just going to tank over this before tiling, however approx half the area of the wall is still old plaster, and whilst it's not hollow it is pretty old, so am concerned it may fail. I therefore thought mechanically fixing backer board would be a better option, howbert the fixings would have to go through the plaster and into the brickwork behind. Is this ok to do? […]
  • Hi, I recently had my floor self levelled by a tiler, unfortunately it's cracked twice but this time the floor is sound with no hollow spots, so hopefully I am ok to tile over. It's an L shape room. I have used a laser level with a piece of timber to mark the varying heights of floor, some areas are 5mm out, some 10mm, but no more than that. How would I go about tiling any tips? Ideally want the lower areas at the lower height (without building it up with adhesive to make the floor dead flat) or is […]
  • Hello! I have built a coffee table which I would like to add some (9) tiles to. The base is made using 18mm MDF and I have glued a 9mm 40x40cm standard plywood plate on top for the tiles to sit on to. (I have read that marine grade plywood could leave an orange stain to the grout over time..). The tiles are 0.5cm thick which leaves me with a 4mm gap for the adhesive. I have never tiled before and before I start buying products I would like to know if what I have in mind is going to […]
  • I have just joined the forum and I'm hoping for some advice. I had a leak in my shower which now needs retiling. I have replaced the area of water damaged plasterboard with a sheet of aquapanel. The shower tray is remaining in place and I am now planning to tank/waterproof the three walls that make up the shower area above the 900mm tray. Firstly I would be grateful for advice on the best way of sealing the gap between the wall and the shower tray and secondly what tanking kit would you recommend. Thank for your help
  • Total plumbing-tiling novice. Our bathroom has been tiled. What should we use to seal internal corners and where the tiles meet the ceiling – mastic, sealant or caulk? I'm confused about the difference and have had varying advice. Once it's sealed, can I cover the edges (ceiling, floor, internal corners) with edging, or is that not a 'done' thing? Thanks
  • Hi all I've got a newbie question here! I've got a kitchen splashback coming up soon with 200×100 ceramic metro tiles, I'll be using mapei mapegrip D1 ready mixed adhesive. My question is do I need to prime the walls first even though it is a ready mix? I have always primed before hand but I've heard lots of people saying you don't need to prime when using ready mix? The wall is painted but in good stable condition. Could I just get away with tiling straight onto the painted wall without priming or would I need to score the […]
  • Hi. I would like to have new tiles over the old tiles in the bathroom. The old tiles are of glossy type. The first thing I did is I removed the gloss from them. I used an angle grinder with a diamond disc. You can see the results on the pictures. The new tiles are going to be 30 cm by 60 cm size. What worries me is that the old tiles would not hold the new ones as the glue under the old tiles is not equally and properly spread, but in chunks as you can see in the […]
  • Hi, I’m tiling my kitchen (first attempt at tiling) and have a couple of questions. 1) what can I do to sort this edge where it meets the splash back? I thought I could grout it but the tiles aren’t all the same length and I think it’ll look rubbish. 2) my wife wants to use a light grey grout to match the kitchen but I think the tiling looks a bit sloppy and I’m worried that a darker grout (Mapei Manhattan) will highlight my bad tiling. Should I have got a professional in? YES! Any advice here would be […]
  • Hi all, Back on my bathroom tiling job after being diverted to a hallway renovation! Can anybody please tell me what the standard approach is for tiling up to a wooden door architrave? Do you just leave the usual 2/3mm gap between the tile and the architrave, and then grout the gap? Or should you use a bead of caulk to fill the gap instead? Think I'd prefer to use the grout as I think it would look better, but just concerned about future shrinkage or cracking. Thanks.
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