1. K

    Tile adhesive for external use

    About 20 years ago, we had a sunlounge built. It's on a concrete raft about 6m x 5m and it's tiled inside and out with the same tiles, with the outside tiles occupying a band about 1.4m wide on two sides. We have a problem with the external tiles becoming loose over a few years, presumably due...
  2. M

    London Path tiling with Victorian mosaic tile sheets

    We have some Victorian-style mosaic tiles which we need laid on our front path. They are on mesh-backed sheets so no need to lay individual tiles. Each sheet is 30cm x 30cm. There is a concrete base in place, but this has a crack in it so would need to be levelled beforehand. The whole area...
  3. Balloo

    New mosiac tile cutter review

  4. B

    Tile Choice for Small Wet Room Floor

    Hi folks, I am having a downstairs small bathroom completely renovated. There will be a new concrete floor going in. There will be a toilet, sink and shower. The shower area will be about 1200x900mm. The whole room will be about 2700x900mm so the shower fits nicely at one end, sink & toilet at...
  5. O

    I'm Looking For This Tile How to identify porch / doorstep floor tile from 1920’s house

    Hi, I’ve got a few of these outside floor tiles missing from my front porch. My google search skills have let me down and don’t know how to identify what this type of tile is called and how to find a reclaimed tile or replica. The house was built in 1925 I believe and I’m assuming they are...
  6. J

    Manual tile cutter needed

    Aye up people. I’m new here so looking for advice. I have a few full bathrooms lined up and 3 of them have 600x600 porcelain tiles. I also have to tile to a linear drain so will have a few diagonal cuts. My trusted old manual Bosch cutter got bent so I now need a new one. Has any ever used the...
  7. P

    Solution To tile floor issues

    hi guys, thanks to this forum I am a little wiser. I’m 1/2 way through my bathroom refurb been completed by a contractor, using various tradesmen. The good news is only the bath is fitted, the bad news is it’s boarded over but still squeaking when walked on. They have also only used 9mm ply...
  8. T

    Minimum tile adhesive depth for over tiling

    I posted previously about a tiling job that has gone a bit wrong. One wall either needs to come off or ideally be tiled over. The problem with tiling over is a concern that the quadrant shower cubicle may not fit. The shower cubicle has 20mm of adjustment, but 5mm already used, so 15mm left...
  9. G

    Preparation 22mm tile board availability?

    Hi, I'm a DIY'er having stripped my bathroom back to joists and nearly ready to lay the floor. My preference was to use 22mm NoMorePly or GIFAfloor boards direct to the joists and then tile direct to the boards, but I understand NMP is no longer available in UK? I've seen references to GIFAfloor...
  10. C

    For Sale Rubi TZ-850 manual tile cutter / splitter £420

    Rubi TZ-850 Manual Tile Cutter. Condition is used only for one domestic floor tiling job, so is in excellent condition. Brilliant tool that effortlessly split my 600x600 porcelain tiles every time. I have the purchase invoice for proof of purchase. These now retail for approx £600. Cash on...
  11. Balloo

    Tile levelling system

    Can anyone recommend a good tile levelling system that doesn't cost the earth
  12. K

    Splitface tile on wall with window by shower

    Hi, I’m going to have the attached tile on one of the walls which has window on, I’m worried that the ribbes in the tile will capture water and dirt if installed on the window reveal? Any thoughts on this? I have a fall on the bottom reveal/cill. Would installing the tiles with the ribbes...
  13. K

    Tile leveller loose after the wedge being pushed all in on 8mm tile

    Hi, I’m doing something wrong here? I bought these from eBay for one job . After I dry tested one on my 8mm tiles, it is loose even tho I have pushed the wedge all the way in? Any ideas? Seller said they are for 7-12mm tiles. I have since bought another system listed for 3-12mm tiles. Hopefully...
  14. stone tiler

    South East 2 bathrooms to tile in Porcelanosa XLIGHT sheets

    Evening all We have got the go ahead on a flooring project and the client has then asked us to quote on tiling 2 bathrooms in Porcelanosa XLIGHT sheets. This is the 3.5mm thick sheets and to be totally honest, it's not what we do and I wouldn't know where to start!! Job is in Reigate, Surrey...
  15. A

    Which electric tile saw

    Hi guys I know someone posted about a week or so ago dewalt v rubi. I currently have a Norton wet cut I've had for years. It's ok for the odd job but the fence accuracy is garbage. 600mm sq is probably the biggest I'll do as I'm a building contractor not tiler (before you chip in I do understand...
  16. C

    Metro tile spacers, 4mm. Is it going to look awful?

    hi, doing a diy job of filing our kitchen using metro tiles for b&q. We have started and have used the 4mm tile spacers but now we’ve realised that we probably should’ve used smaller. Is it going to look awful? Has anyone use 4mm before? We’ve chosen anthracite tiles and white grout. Should we...
  17. M

    I'm Looking For This Tile I need one Porcelanosa Yakarta beige tile

    Hi, I am looking for one 31.5x90cm Yakarta wall tile in beige due to a leak in the bathroom. I have one spare but I need two. If you have any or know anyone who has had these tiles fitted, please please get in touch. They were fitted 4 years ago and were discontinued 18 months ago. I don’t want...
  18. acaciaguy

    Recommend me a new tile hole saw set

    its time to get a new set. Any suggestions?
  19. A

    My 1st Job Gap between tiles and bath

    Hi all Firstly I want to thank you everyone for the help. I just finished tiling the bathroom and ended up with a 10mm gap between tiles and bath (see picture) so now I can't decide what would be my best solution. I thought to raise the bath but can't go higher or lower because of the panel...
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