tile cutter

  1. Balloo

    New mosiac tile cutter review

  2. J

    Manual tile cutter needed

    Aye up people. I’m new here so looking for advice. I have a few full bathrooms lined up and 3 of them have 600x600 porcelain tiles. I also have to tile to a linear drain so will have a few diagonal cuts. My trusted old manual Bosch cutter got bent so I now need a new one. Has any ever used the...
  3. C

    For Sale Rubi TZ-850 manual tile cutter / splitter £420

    Rubi TZ-850 Manual Tile Cutter. Condition is used only for one domestic floor tiling job, so is in excellent condition. Brilliant tool that effortlessly split my 600x600 porcelain tiles every time. I have the purchase invoice for proof of purchase. These now retail for approx £600. Cash on...
  4. Balloo

    Sigma serie xl 245 tile cutter

    Hi guys has anyone bought one of these machines, if so id love to get some feed on how good they are as a monster cutter
  5. G

    Hi everyone..new member in the forum!

    Hi everyone.. My name is Gerardo.. I'm looking for a job as a tiler and I though this website could be helpfull.. I've been worked in this sector for about 15 years ,started in Italy with my own company working all over the country. I've been in Uk for more than 6 years now delivering...
  6. M83T

    Which manual tile cutter?

    Hi just starting out in the world of tiling just finished a two weekend course and looking to start doing a few little jobs for myself. Just looking for recommendations for a manual tile cutter. Happy to spend a couple hundred £ or less want something that is a good starter cutter but one that...
  7. antonio

    Tile Cutter Reviews THE TILE CUTTER (my opinion)

    the tile cutter, here everyone wants to know which brand is the best. but are we sure that a brand is enough to solve everything? as we all know, every day we come across different tiles, a hard, soft, big, small, long etc. if I think about it, it would need a different tile cutter every day...
  8. S

    Tile cutter recommendation

    Hi. Whats best rubi model for manual cutter please and where to buy. Thanks
  9. J

    Electric tile cutter investment help!

    I'm looking to spend between 500-1000 on a tile cutter, could do with some advice. I was looking at the electric tile cutter - Rubi DV-200 1000 anyone has experience with this cutter?
  10. mike1979

    Wanted Rubi tx ,sigma, montolite or anything similar around south wales

    Hi all looking for a rubi tx 1200, sigma or anything similar to cut no less than 1200 if your around south wales and have one great
  11. P

    Best small tile cutter suggestions/recommendations?

    Hi, new on here....couldn't find an answer already on here. Anyway, I'm looking for a small tile cutter, probably enough to cut 300mm tile, but maybe smaller, to save me lugging round my 650mm cutter when I'm doing metro tiles etc. I've seen the sigma 37cm one and the montolit 26A2 and also a...
  12. C

    Cost effective tile cutter for 600x300 pocelain floor tile cutter

    Hello, I am about to do my bathroom floor and need a porcelain tile cutter. is the Big Clinker any good as it will only be used infrequently. https://www.screwfix.com/p/big-clinker-2-heavy-duty-tile-cutter-630mm/29758 Thanks for any help.
  13. P

    Professional Tile cutter - 1200mm Rubi

    Hi folks - My brother was a professional tiler but sadly passed away in December. We have some tools to sell including a RUBI TX 1200 time cutter with Scoring Wheel of 22mm . It is powerful breaker of 1000kg to cut hard materials. To cut Porcelain Tiles. Currently listed on eBay for £435 -...
  14. W

    For Sale Sigma 3B4M MAX Manual Tile Cutter - 620mm (push to score)

    Hi, bought from tradetiler with the intention of tiling my bathroom with some 60x60 tiles. Changed my mind and went with some 60x90 tiles, so had to go buy another cutter, went for a 3d2 92cm instead. It's not been used other than I couldn't resist having a play when it arrived and cutting up a...
  15. P

    Tile Cutter Now Leaving Jagged Edges

    Hi Guys, First time tiler here part way through tiling my bathroom. I purchased a Sigma Series 3 Max tile cutter which at first made an amazing cut, it was almost perfect, however after about 20 cuts i am now getting jagged edges on my tiles and chips every so often. Unless a chip occurs the...
  16. L

    Sigma 3c3m help, score wheel no longer lines up

    hello, my sigma cutter is a about 3 months old. For some reason the score wheel is now aligned to the right of the center mark on the measure bar, ya anyone else come across this problem or know of a fix? Very frustrating as every Mark/cut has to be manually aligned up with the score wheel. Cheers
  17. Cat

    Help choosing tile cutter

    Need to cut 10mm hexagonal porcelain tiles. We have tried using a normal dry cutter on them but couldnt get a clean straight cut. We then tried wet cutting on our Vitrex Pro 900 but it isnt accurate enough as there is movement along the guide rail which causes the cuts to be between 1 - 5mm out...
  18. Tilergal

    Best 600 tile cutter

    Hi All, my Rubi TR-600 has come to the end of its long and very busy life as I can no longer obtain parts. I'm looking at the new TR-600 Magnet but don't know whether its as good, can anyone offer their opinion? Willing to change model or even brand if there's something better out there as long...
  19. JON HUME

    Recommended tile cutter / tools

    Hi New to tiling and soon to be taking an NVQ course. I'm starting to think about what tools and kit I need and would like somebody who is in the know to give me a few pointers please. Can somebody please advise me on the best tile cutter to purchase to get me on my way in my new trade and...
  20. Paul C.

    What brand of Tile Cutter do you use Poll 2017

    ***I suppose we'll get it but this is not intended for the usual Rubi vs Sigma war.*** I can't find one so am guessing the last cutter poll on the forum was back in 2013 when I was still in nappies. :) There has also been a turnover of members, many of which are active but didn't have their...
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