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What? A UK Tiling Forum? Nooooooo not seen one of those before. TilersForums.co.uk started out in 2006. Accept no cheap cliquey imitations.

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Tiling Courses

Some of our longest-standing members are members who found our forum after searching for tiling courses.

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Choosing Tiles

Choosing tiles for the right floor or wall can be one of the hardest parts of the whole process of tiling. The sticking them on, and selecting the right adhesive to use, is often the easiest bit.

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  • Hi all, just like I wrote in the introduction I’ve been lurking in this forum for quite some time trying to learn as much as I could with out asking questions. I’ve always used a big box store cutter and for my needs it’s worked well. We just bought a new house and I’ve asked the builder to leave a lot of the tiling to me, bathrooms, kitchen splash etc. So I’ve decided to buy what to me is a nice machine, the sigma 3C3M. The thing that is keeping me from pulling the trigger is the fact that I […]
  • Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself. I have been lurking for quite some time trying to pick up as much as I could but now it’s time to start asking some questions. I try to do everything home renovation wise by myself but I make sure I learn from the pros first. I’ve learned over the years. It to let my pride get in the way and ask lots of questions. Thanks in advanced….
  • Who is in local lockdown here? What are the rules in your area? We are still OK at the moment but it is only a matter of time.
  • Hello Forum – for a lower level media room (13-ft x 30-ft), our goal is to used two (or more) tile sizes as well as a carpet tile plank in a 'Mondrian' pattern (example attached). May not stick strictly to the pattern, but it provides you with a look. Room is currently full carpet over concrete. Assume the largest square (red in the attachment) is daltile porcelain. The black, and possibly the yellow, will be a carpet tile cut to size. Smaller rectangles will also be daltile porcelain/different color. All materials are same/very similar thickness. Quick questions while we gather […]
  • I'm looking to for any of these tiles for my Kitchen; originally from Topps Tiles but discontinued
  • Hello I have tiled my floor with slate tiles. Due to some scheduling issues prior to sealing or grouting them I had a plaster and plumber in to do some work. The floor covering didn't do the required job and I now have dust, plaster, possibly a bit of adhesive and paint on the tiles. I have used some white spirit which has improved it slightly, and also some no nonsense grime remover from screwfix. Unfortunately there are still significant stains on the tiles. Can anyone recommend a way to remove the stains or am I going to have to […]
  • Hello all, just wondered if anyone could tell me the best way to join porcelain mitres together (assuming I can get the cuts right, I'm a DIYer)? I've seen people say to use resin, if that's right what is the best stuff? I'd be after something white and satin if that exists. Also, do you put the resin in after tiling (like grout), or is the resin applied as you tile like adhesive to fully fill the gap between the mitred tiles (for strength)? Thanks! Post automatically merged: Friday at 4:38 PM Edited to add: I've seen elsewhere suggesting using […]
  • First time poster…..any advice on how best to grout these massively uneven mosaic slate tiles and should they be sealed first and if so, what do you recommend? Thanks in advance
  • Hi everyone, I'm tiling a 150 meter square meters onto a anhydrite screed. Laitance has been removed by sanding, the screed is dry, was laid 3 months ago. The screeder recommended to use Anhyfix by Tilemaster adhesives. I am also installing Ditra matt before tiling. Started laying the ditra matt today and did a test to see how easy it would pull off and the adhesive has stuck to the screed but not the Ditra matt. Has anyone had experience with this? I would have thought that once the adhesive has gone off I wouldn't be able to pull the […]
  • Hi, I'm about to tile over an old but good condition lath and plaster wall over a bath. I'm going to use no more ply cement board, should I strip the old lath and plaster away and use 12mm board or would I get away with 6mm over the existing plaster? The studs are easy to locate. Cheers

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    Who Are The Tile Association? The Tile Association (TTA) was set up in January 2000 when a combination of Tiling bodies came together to set up the Association. Since it was formed twenty years ago it has doubled in size and now has around 1000 members which are tilers, suppliers, shops and more. It is […]
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    NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling is the standard in Tiling Courses. Below are a few common questions and answers regarding the NVQ in Tiling. NVQ Course Feedback and Training Information Please always do your research before committing to any type of trades training courses. Whether it’s tiling courses, electrical courses, plumbing courses, […]
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    Tiling Courses can be hard to find locally. Especially well established ones that are tiling-only courses rather than training centres that run all sorts of training courses such as plumbing courses and electrical courses too. Not that all those who run other courses are poor when it comes to running only tiling ones. Some have […]
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    UK Tiling Forum is for Professional and DIY Wall and Floor Tilers in the UK. Our tiling forum is more than just an advice website with a one-off answer to a one-off tiling question. Our UK Tiling Forum is a community that provides tiling education and tiling courses to those who are in need of […]
  • Welcome back to TilersForums.co.uk, if you’ve been here before that is
    Welcome back to TilersForums.co.uk. The domain that the forum was hosted on from 2006 to 2019. So it has quite a bit of history. The forum saw three forum software makes, half a dozen main theme/design changes, and dozens of smaller tweaks – some broke the forum, some didn’t. We’ve seen quite a few groups […]