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  1. pisht

    pisht Active Member

  2. pisht

    pisht Active Member

    It does also say minimum size for glass mosaic is 20mm x 20mm. Does this mean for glass mosaic 20mm x 20mm is fine but all other tile should be 50mm x 50mm?

    The tile is glass mosaic but some pieces are under 20mm x 20mm.
  3. hmtiling

    hmtiling Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    Isle of Wight
    You're focusing on the grout when whichever grout was used you would have had issues here.
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  4. pisht

    pisht Active Member

    FYI, this is Wedi's response to tile size:

    "Wedi does have tile size recommendations but your shower pan Fundo Primo can accept any size tile. Our recommendations follow industry standards in regards to installation and appropriate setting materials however different products can offer there own recommendations."

    The are also fine with the contractor removing the tile, thinset and grout and re-installing on the existing Wedi board and has discussed recommendations with the contractor. They have said:

    "I have provided you with multiple options to repair that all fall within warrantied repair methods. You concerns have discussed with your contractor, my Canadian Director has been copied in all correspondence, our North American Director provided an explanation on how to repair your situation."

    I still have my doubts but I suppose I should accept the manufacturer's advice. The problem I now have is finding a replacement tile as the tiles used are discontinued.
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