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  1. Irritatedhomeowner

    Irritatedhomeowner New to

    I've just had my bathroom done by my plumber Dad and paid a lot of money for a very good tiler to do the tiling. However, after on returning to my bathroom I've discovered that the tiler has laid a tile right in the centre of the bathroom that looks like it's got a big white stain on it. I know the tiles have got some marbling on them but nowhere else has this big white splodge.

    I've left it a week and I still can't bear to look at it so it has to come up. My Dad is a half decent tiler but is not in the league of the person who did it originally but I'm looking for advice on how he can get it up without cracking any of the others and laying a new one at the same level as the tiles around it.

    It's getting to the point I can barely go in the bathroom as I can't look at the tile anymore and would rather rip up the whole floor and start again.

  2. Plan Tec Tiling

    Plan Tec Tiling Administrator Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    Wimborne, Dorset
    Call the tiler
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  3. jcrtiling

    jcrtiling Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler TTA Member Top Contributor

    Do you have under floor heating
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  4. Protiler 68

    Protiler 68 Professional Tiler

    South east/kent
    He should of used that as a cut lol
  5. Irritatedhomeowner

    Irritatedhomeowner New to

    No underfloor heating. My Dad is not a fan of the tiler and would rather not have to deal with him if possible. But if worst comes to worst and he can't sort it he will give in and ring him.
  6. Bathfix Bob

    Bathfix Bob Professional Tiler


    A nice rug maybe? Or call the tiler and see if he bends over backwards to help or is the kind to take money and run.

    I've done jobs where after I've completely finished and seen such a tile and thought does that look weird or if it just me? I leave the room and come back in and all I see is the tile I can't bear it so I get my hammer and smash it in, then theres no choice, I've cost myself half a days extra work for free but that's just me.
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  7. Irritatedhomeowner

    Irritatedhomeowner New to

    Love the rug. Might get one with the tilers face embroidered on it.
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  8. Filip

    Filip Active Member

    I have done this many times before and the last time with random length rustic oak flooring that had dark and light planks, lounge hall and diningroom I would come across some that were much darker than others and saved them all up and fitted them all in one room, because just like that light mark it stood out like a mistake.
    So yes it would bug me too.
    I think you need to call the tiler first and explain nicely saying its not his fault - done a great job - blah blah. And only then if he wont do it then tackle it yourself.
    As a DIYer I would get my drimmel out and cut slots in the tile and remove bit by bit from the middle working towards the grout then try and rake out enough grout to get that part of the tile up without lifting the one next to it, then scrape away enough adhesive to get the level, you need to make sure you get the same make of grout for colour match.
    A pro may have a better way to remove.
  9. Bathfix Bob

    Bathfix Bob Professional Tiler

    A Dremel might not be the best choice, i would Stanley knife the grout out and SDS 7mm drill bit and with kid gloves spiral with way out from the centre. This will blow apart the tile and allow you to start using a hammer and chisel. Go really easy with the drill, don't go plunging it through the floor.
  10. Stefan

    Stefan Active Member

    Houston, TX
    You need to cut the grout lines with an angle grinder and have a vacuum to collect the dust while cutting. If you don't have the tools then you're better off just calling the installer and making him aware of the issue. If I installed that I would come out and fix it.
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