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  1. Rod Evans

    Rod Evans Active Member

    Hello All,

    First post and hope you can help...

    I'm looking to have a combination of Tiles and LVT layed in a kitchen at the same time as we do some resto work on the Gfloor of our old place to accommodate my other half's developing medical challenges, which will need level mobility friendly flooring.

    We are looking to raise some rooms by approx 130mm to meet others but there are limits in how much we can raise the Kitchen floor.

    And to make it more complicated we are installing UFH (wet) so we can have unrestricted ability to lay out the rooms for all eventualities. The kitchen will have UFH fitted between joists in the kitchen with spreader plates.

    I was intending to lift the existing solid pine floor install the UFH, then lay 18mm T&G boards directly to joists and then LVT planks....simple, and it keeps the floor height to approx 20mm above joists.

    Then my better half is contemplating ceramic tiles in the heavy wear places , basically in front of the wet areas of the kitchen, which would meet up with LVT tiles.

    Problem is that I think I need to allow 12mm for tiles and adhesive leaving approx 8mm of sub that enough?

    What do I use?...any other advice welcome.
  2. timeless john

    timeless john Moderator - trainee Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    North East England
    You’d be better off getting someone in to look at your intended alterations.
  3. Waluigi

    Waluigi Guest

    I would go for LVT throughout, no need to put ceramic tiles in certain areas, LVT is really hard wearing.
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  4. Rod Evans

    Rod Evans Active Member

    Thanks Gents,

    I've got a guy coming over this week, and we've used him before so he's used to how my brain works!

    Agreed, LVT would be the best and easiest option but with my missus having the condition she has, and not complaining, I'd like to see if there's a way of giving her what she'd like really.

    I've got the room to go up another 10mm in the Kitchen but that would mean another 10mm eveywhere above the UFH resulting in the UFH not being as quick to temp as it would be with 18mm T&G.

    I kind of moved away from Chipboard and the 6mm of ply because it's the worst thermal option.
  5. Rod Evans

    Rod Evans Active Member

    Cheers fellas,

    Just found 18mm T&G ply at Arnold Laver @ £12.50 sqm....its a distance away to deliver (2hrs) but the closest I could get. They also do 22mm but its 30% you think I need the extra thickness for what I'm looking to do?
  6. pdc

    pdc Only a Handyman... Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler

    Why would it mean 10mm above? Is the UFH down already?
  7. Rod Evans

    Rod Evans Active Member

    My plan in two of the rooms is to rip out existing boards, install celotex between joists, then add the pre-routed UFH slabs, pipework and spreader plates and this all sites between and within the depth of the joists.
    Then I wanted to screw down 18mm of Ply to the joists as the structural floor, then add the LVT across the two rooms ...or maybe somehow combine with ceramic tiles in one of the rooms.
    Apparently PLY is much better at thermal transfer than Chipboard so I wanted to get the most efficient way of having the heat raise up through to the rooms.
    There is another small hallway that is tiled and is 10mm higher than the existing floor, and is an OK floor level change for my better half to cope with, so I was looking not to go up in height anymore than the 18mm of PLY to keep thermal transfer good.

    Hope that makes sense?!
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