1. J

    What’s the best tiling gap? 2-3-4mm etc

    Hi, Second post. How do you decide what’s the best spacing gap between tiles? I plan on setting 200 x 500 x 8.5mm wall tiles and unsure of what spacers to set between these. Any advice appreciated
  2. J

    Best adhesive for 200 x 500 x 8.5mm tiles

    Hi, First post here and a real tiling novice. I plan on putting up some 200 x 500 x 8.5mm wall tiles in my bathroom but not sure on the best adhesive, some adhesives I have found say they are suitable for max 300 x 300mm, I take it it’s limited to do with the weight of each tile? Any advice...
  3. A

    DIY Best substrate for half height tiles

    Hi everyone. I'm about to embark on a complete bathroom refit (very small bathroom approx. 3.2sqm) that will have a corner shower with full height tiling in 8mm porcelain tiles (approx 100mm across). The remainder of the room will be 9mm porcelain hexagon tiles (approx. 250mm across) up to a...
  4. Localtiler

    The best mixing tubs?

    For ages I've used mixing tubs from anywhere, the generic sort. Can anyone recommend one that's durable for the long term. The handles always break after a month or two and I nearly came a cropper last time. I don't want to risk that carrying a bucket of slc up some ones stairs. Are the Rubi...
  5. K

    Best tile pattern for 25x75cm tiles

    Hi, I’m in the process of renovating my bathroom. I have installed tile backer boards and now in the process of buying the tiles. I’m interested in the 75cm x25cm marble effect ceramic tiles from crown tiles(see attached). All 4 walls are approx 1.7m wide and 2.5m high. Do you think the tile...
  6. theandroids

    Whats the Best course of action after wall damage?

    Good evening all. Removed some tiles in bathroom and damaged the wall. Plaster has come off, underneath I think its bonding plaster? Haven't a clue. What would be the best repair method for the wall, also can I install Hardiebacker without plastering the wall after the repair? Any help is...
  7. A

    Looking for advice on the best Laser Level?

    Hi all. I've been looking into buying my first laser level. Can anyone recommend the best one for general tiling? I've been looking at the IMEX ones here: Buy Laser Levels Cheap Online at EasyMerchant | Free Shipping - But I don't know if the...
  8. Andy Rhodes

    Preparation Need advise on which backer board works best

    I've used Hardie backer for a number of years now & even though I've never had any come backs from it ,it's a mess process when cutting, So I know I've mentioned Delta board previously was curious to get anybodies thought on this or another product similar please Thank you
  9. A

    Advice on how best to remove mastic bead from tile trim?

    Could someone please advise the best way to remove a mastic bead from the top of a chrome coloured tile trim with minimal risk of causing scratches to the trim please? Thanks in advance.
  10. aflemi

    Recommendations for best table wet saw?

    I've a vitrex 750w wet cutter which generally suits my needs along with an angle grinder. However I have a couple of jobs coming up where I need 1m long cuts which need to be dead straight with both edges well finished. Can anyone recommend a saw and blade to do the job?
  11. Nic_P74

    Best multitool blades

    What blades are people using in their multitools? I picked up some antler bi-metal blades and have been a bit disappointed. Not looking for cheapest but best value/performance without paying price of Bosch etc...
  12. S

    My 1st Job Best Way to Fill Large-ish Joint Between Walls and Ceiling?

    I’ve made some slight measurement errors and ended up with a relatively large joint/gap between the top of my Hardiebacker board and the ceiling (see pic). The joint is 12mm at its widest. With the other walls, the joint was much smaller (~2-4mm) so I’ve been able to caulk those, but I’m not...
  13. SimonJC

    Advice on the best laser Level for tiling

    Hello everyone I have just joined this forum as I’m going to train as a tiler, having changed careers completely. I’ve been looking at the Bosch GTL 3 and the Dewalt DW089k. The Bosch seems to have the ability for 45 degrees whereas i don’t think the Dewalt does, however the Dewalt seems...
  14. timeless john

    Pictures 2018 - Your Best Job - 1 picture only.

    Post your own personal best picture of your work. No comments or dislikes - just likes! Everyone welcome. ONLY ONE PICTURE EACH - So make it a good one! No prize it’s just going to be a viewing gallery of 2018 styles. Let’s see them.
  15. W

    Best reasonably priced mixer?

    Just bought a Rubimix 9 240v but sent it back as it actually struggled and laboured mixing standard tile adhesive and was so so loud. Anything else at around £90 to £150 that'll be better? Im not using it daily. Once a week at most. But would like something that will last.
  16. James C

    Split Face Stone tiles - best sealer to use? and when to seal?

    Hi all, This forum has offered some fantastic help so far, and I'm hoping I can get a quick answer to the next question! I have our split face tiles here now, and they are going up on Saturday afternoon. Should I seal them (back and front) before they are installed? And what is the best...
  17. W

    Best adhesive on mastic asphalt?

    Have some 36x36 ceramic tiles to go onto a mastic asphalt floor. Want to avoid a rapid set if possible. Thought Mapei Keraflex Maxi S1 at first but the product specs are a bit inconclusive to me. Then came across and Bal Single part flexible, says its right for the job in spec sheet, but is...
  18. M

    Leaking shower wall grout joints, best patch material?

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I am a keen DIYer. I have a problem which I thought would be pretty widespread but I cant find much information on. Could any experienced tilers please help? I have a 3 sided tiled shower cubicle (porcelain tiles on gypsum plaster on brickwork, a resin shower tray...
  19. James De

    Best method of sealing porous tiles

    So I had to seal some slate the other week which I did with a paint brush. Just wondered if there was a better method? (I used the Tile Rite stone sealer) and applied 2 coats and then tested with a whiteboard marker on a spare off cut.
  20. cornish_crofter

    Preparation What is the best preparation for this pleas

    Hi all I've just taken some tiles off a block wall to re tile. I mean a block wall with no render. Yes the tiles stuck very well I want to get all the adhesive off and start again. Some of it is flakey and I'd rather take it all back, level it off and start again. How best to remove the...
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