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  1. Filip

    Filip Active Member

    I am about to use slc for the first time and found plenty of help on using it but I have one question left. When is the best time to remove any wooden height guides ?. Fully set - will it break up that edge. Or I am thinking remove it as soon as the SLC sets enough not to fowl away. Efectivly I am levelling up to the edge of a step so there is not a wall to stop it
  2. pdc

    pdc Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler

    Once it's set. If it does break it'll only be a little bit off the edge, nothing to worry about.
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  3. Filip

    Filip Active Member

    Ok thanks
  4. Filip

    Filip Active Member

    Thought I would come back and answer my own post.
    I ran a knife down the side of the wood and removed it whilst the SLC was still soft
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