Is this a bad tiling job?

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My wife and I recently had a new kitchen and bathroom fitted and we’re not best pleased with the finish. Are we wrong to be unhappy about this tiling job? We’d appreciate some feedback from the experts please.

Thank you 1E73C0CB-1C0B-452E-B8AA-E70E182FA22B.jpeg AA1F58A7-8B0C-4FDE-A26B-F00ACBC0FCCA.jpeg 499E4BE1-7FD7-4C86-B565-E607E45AE1DE.jpeg C9B94847-C1C8-45F3-84A9-B9976D24907F.jpeg 78BF6508-FB50-4504-A911-350A36857D3B.jpeg 7E73E0A4-9C16-4D2A-94A1-57D82967BA67.jpeg A5AE1A31-232B-406D-AF10-28C289B2C468.jpeg C246E5DC-9EEC-44CA-A8D4-3EC456F51301.jpeg F1790DA9-A282-4E92-8E72-F0907C176E2E.jpeg 109467FA-F90E-49A0-B6C8-2BB7B974DC3A.jpeg C444360E-FC80-430B-B5EB-EBB5E525B700.jpeg 59112617-50CA-403F-9CB3-CF6AC35FD263.jpeg 64EA4B8B-0EA1-433E-BEC1-3074E27BB65E.jpeg D63A0083-D650-49AB-95FC-8A19E5EF6BC4.jpeg 177C16DC-F031-41F1-8F19-16FDD4479293.jpeg 2A55380A-A638-4BC7-95D2-EB3BF255405C.jpeg 246F6A37-B538-4FDF-99B2-DAEBD2C9BCC5.jpeg 729CE917-CA54-47DA-BCBC-57187344EF20.jpeg 006E2F33-A87C-4ED0-BEBA-6FC3F5715B76.jpeg 82EAE548-7A2B-4C6F-B3BE-B0CAA70ADDF3.jpeg
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Yes. It’s poor. Any Tiler viewing your photos with one iota of conscientiousness will be viewing that whilst cringing.


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No, you’re not wrong to be unhappy.
It’s incredibly lazy work.
With no attentions to detail.
And they’re not even bevelled metro’s, they’re proper 8 x 4’s
The grouting is sloppy as are many of the cuts.
It’s either rushed or he’s not a tiler, well not one with any experience or conscience anyway.
The setting out is poor too.


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Personally, I think it's a nice idea that they let people like that out into the community.
I think next time though they would benefit from closer supervision whilst on release and if they removed the handcuffs and gave them back their glasses it might help matters!


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Thank you all for your responses so far. We are currently in a dispute over the last payment of money, due to this bad tiling and a number of other issues. The company who did the work are experts in kitchens and bathrooms and have lots of 5 star reviews. To answer Simon’s question in my opinion the cost wasn’t cheap. :(


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Poor setting out, poor grouting too. I am wondering if he even used spacers at some points?

It's a bad job, how he thinks it's ok to stick smaller bits that don't even meet the walls is beyond me. I would say give him the chance to rectify it but If he left it like that the first time around I wouldn't bother.


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I’d be wanting a complete strip out and a new Tiler to re-do it. Properly.

Out of interest how much did the tiling work cost or was it part of the overall kitchen cost?
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