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Hi All, We have just discovered a hairline crack in one of our 6mm italian porcelain tiles. Its in quite a high traffic area and i would like to try and repair it. Im more concerned with reducing the chances that the tile gets worst and starts to move. Im less concerned with the appearance aspect of the hairline crack.

Obviously, epoxy would be my first choice but working with the stuff for years in wood i know how thick and sticky the stuff is and i know it wont penetrate the crack at all to give the tile any reinforcement or further integrity. So i started to look at thinner epoxy resins and they seem to be quite common in the US where they are called "Penetrating Epoxy". Excuse me if im preaching to the choir its just that i never heard of the stuff. Apparently its the thickness of oil so should be a great solution and actually seep through the crack and hopefully offer a good fix.

So my question is this: Has anyone used this before to repair hairline cracks? If not, does it seem like a decent enough idea? worth a try?

And, just in case, does anyone know where i can get a suitable product here in the UK?

Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated.


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I’d rather find out what caused the crack in the first place because whatever you do won’t last!
From your picture I’d suggest the boards under the tile is a joint as there looks like a corner skirting there and so differential movement will cause stress through the body of the tile. Must be a lot of movement to get this in porcelain.


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It could be a combination of things causing that crack but no resin is going to solve any issues. I would call back the tiler who did the job to replace the tile
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