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  1. ChiefBrodie1975

    ChiefBrodie1975 Active Member

    Tyne & Wear
    Hello everyone - this is my first post in the forum and I’m looking for some advice and opinion from anyone that wouldn’t mind to give it to me - it concerns our floor tile installation that has just been completed in our home.
    For our home hallway, kitchen, diner and utility room we selected some tiles we were very happy with and ordered the required quantity from an online company.
    Prior to the tiles being laid by the tiler that had already tiled in our bathroom last year -our floor had to by plyed due to its unevenness - so cement boards were used.
    The cement boards and tiles seemed to go down without any problems and we were generally happy with how the installation was progressing (the installation took five days in total).
    The problem that I would like to ask advice for is the quality of the grouting around the edges that are next to the skirting boards.
    In places the line of grout is very uneven with wide and then thin parts.
    The grout in places is not flat at the edges but has been sloped upwards - something I’ve not seen before.
    The corners look really bad.
    Generally speaking we are fairly happy with the tiles and grout lines between tile to tile but at the edges where the skirting boards are - in my opinion looks terrible!
    As a complete novice and someone that’s had no prior need to use a tiler until last year I was just wondering if what I am describing/what can be seen on the photos is considered acceptable?
    In my opinion I don’t think that it is acceptable and we are certainly not happy with finish at the edges considering the amount of money that we have spent.
    Could someone give me some advice please?
    And how it can be rectified?
    I intend to tackle the issue next week with the tiler directly as he’s coming back but I’m unsure how this is going to go.
    So far we have had a pleasant relationship with him - so that has to be a plus point doesn’t it?

    FE73AAE5-8EF7-42D2-AD57-CD1CA44B9F1E.jpeg A265A8FD-5896-4A6A-AFD3-53F08E1DF2F6.jpeg 694F15A0-3F8A-435A-BFE9-45ACA5FAC89A.jpeg E5E45D74-BB15-4937-B6E9-28E22BAFC939.jpeg 45E5AF54-AD3A-4E30-A6CA-4568841288C8.jpeg 7E8E5E68-1A78-47F9-9017-692545417500.jpeg 9DC58CA3-36F5-4669-8DC2-018DDB439C60.jpeg 2F9F1363-AE89-48E5-9AC7-1927F512CB3A.jpeg 69085EE7-51DD-453D-8379-3A1848F9ACFC.jpeg 83047C86-BFF7-441C-84A9-1D377D7C554F.jpeg 4610A1E3-34BF-46DB-8ED0-92769D3FCBAC.jpeg 47677A1A-6F86-459B-AC72-9ED50757BC95.jpeg 611B73FE-0D40-4A13-A071-B7BA9EF96CC2.jpeg 9CD73D55-4C24-47A5-98B1-46068240807D.jpeg 66C6DE96-7441-4048-AB97-C2F6773C05B3.jpeg FFDAAC52-828D-456E-95EE-BA43795342FD.jpeg 169DE710-FDFC-4F2B-916B-359E8EB6E66F.jpeg E066CBBB-E7BF-4EC5-BA6C-C9C20B18021F.jpeg 91210235-961F-4404-9837-3DB242817731.jpeg 8B0FF619-8C14-438C-8CE7-44234CC70FBF.jpeg 07909CC8-D42B-45D7-9CED-C467465730AE.jpeg F8A5773B-2C82-4620-9CAA-12311EE6E83A.jpeg F0B71B12-B4DA-476B-9461-A6DDA52225BD.jpeg
  2. 3_fall

    3_fall Administrator. Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    SW London
    As he’s tiled up to the skirtings, the joint between the floor and skirting should really be silicone, giving effectively an expansion joint around the floor area.
    It’s just not very tidily done tbh.
    Get him to remove grout and clean the the skirting and replace with white silicone to match the skirting.
    Dark pigment grouts are notorious for staining everything they touch and a mare to work with at times, I’ll always advise that some paintwork re finishing will be necessary.
    It’s nothing worth getting in to an argument about, if that’s the way you want it to be finished, then he should respect that and change it accordingly.
    In a perfect world, the skirtings would have been fitted after the floor was completed, eliminating this kind of issue.
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  3. ChiefBrodie1975

    ChiefBrodie1975 Active Member

    Tyne & Wear
    I’m guessing that taking the grout out and applying white silicone as a replace will be an easy job?
  4. timeless john

    timeless john Moderator Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    North East England
    You’ve had the skirting gloss painted before the tiling was done and now the dark grout is standing out.
    Like @3_fall@3_fall in this instance a movement joint is required. Normally this joint would either be siliconed in a acceptable colour white/black or the decorator would normally use a flexible chaulk which would then be painted to match skirting.
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  5. Adey1980

    Adey1980 Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    As @3_fall@3_fall and @timeless john@timeless john said, it should have been siliconed as it needs an expansion joint a better finish would have been skirting removed and replaced on top.
    It also looks like the tiler has cut around door frames and not finished it well.
    Ideally he should have cut the frame and slid the tiles under to give a cleaner finish.
    You are best to ask him to come back and remove the grout and replace it with silicone.
    Also you can purchase pipe collars for the radiator pipes to tidy it up
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  6. GAZ5518

    GAZ5518 Tiler Extraordinaire Professional Tiler

    Just a little attention to detail required... Not a major problem and something that a little bit of time and silicon will sort out and make look sharper.
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