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  1. mts1

    mts1 New to

    Can anbody advise if they have used the Instalay product from Instafloor which is a self-adhesive underlay that can also act as a uncoupling membrane and they say removes the need for wet adhesives. It's 2.5mm thick, thermal conductivity 0.043 m2K/W, so just under half a tog and compresses by around 8% (0.2 mm)

    I have several area's (85m2) to install 4.7kg(24kg/m2) 10mm porcelain tiles on. The substrate is a Gypsum Calcium screed with underfloor heating that was installed several years ago.

    The other option is to prime the floor and use something like Tilemaster Anhyfix.

    Preference is to use something other than adhesive if possible.
  2. callatiler

    callatiler Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner

    Hi welcome! Never personally heard of this Instalay product but after watching the ceramic/porcelain tile installation video where if there is loose or uneven tiles just dab grout on back and refix does not fill me up with confidence as to how long tiles would be down unbroken for. Best advice I would recommend is to prepare floor and use proven materials that absolutely work, better still would be to get a good researched tiler in for the 85square metre floor and take away all the stress and have a floor that will last a lifetime
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  3. jcrtiling

    jcrtiling Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler TTA Member Top Contributor

    Anhyfix is an adhesive albeit not a cementitous one .
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