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Tiling Jobs

Which County or area is the tiling job in? If it's nationwide work, just state that.

The total size of the area(s) to be tiled. In square meters or square yards/feet. If you're unsure and need this pricing up and measuring, then please state that.

Tile sizes, if 30 x 30cm for floor and 20 x 20cm for walls, say that. If you're unsure yet, say so. Different tile sizes can end up costing different prices to install.

Have you purchased any products yet? Whether tiles, adhesives, grout, levelling compounds etc etc - List them here. If you haven't, say so. Sometimes tilers can get you trade discount, sometimes they share it with their customers, sometimes they send you to their suppliers and get you a good price. Worth stating at this stage. DO NOT REPLY WITH PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESSES OR PHONE NUMBERS - SHARE THOSE VIA THE FORUM MESSAGING SYSTEM INSTEAD. POSTS WITH SUCH DETAILS RISK BEING EDITED OR REMOVED