1. Tile Adhesive Poll - Which brand did you use most in 2016?

    Okay, so the poll we had running had been skewed a fair bit, so I've reset it, and we'll need your votes again. Genuine votes only please. No companies are allowed to vote that sell adhesive. And if you've registered to the forum just to vote, think again, you'll be banned and the adhesive brand called out for cheating. 


  2. Quick Survey

    Please help us improve the forum and the way we help you by filling in this quick survey. Doing so will show us where we need to improve the forum, and how we can help you and your tiling business.

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  3. Job Of The Month Competition IS BACK!

    You'll be able to enter each month as normal, upload 15 images, expain the job, and the following month the voting starts automatically. The winner is chosen on the 22nd of each month for the previous month. We'll start getting some goodies together from companies to give to the winners!


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