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Tilers Forums | tile advice and tiling forum

  1. Tilers Forum: Wall and Floor Tilers Forum

    A free forum for wall and floor tilers to gain advice on all aspects of tiling. Including tile adhesive, tiling grout, which trowels to use on various walls and floors etc. We can also provide advice on which tiles are suitable for various substrates. Unbiased Tilers Forums for the UK.
    1. Tiling Forum: General Tiling Forums

      Unbiased tiling forum for tile fixers. Anything that doesn't fit into the main tiling forums, goes in this one. Please look in the other categories first to find one more suitable if possible. Learn how to tile. See 'how to tile' threads and discussion. The DIY Tiling Forum can be found HERE. The Professional Tiling Forum can be found HERE.
    2. Stone Tiling Forum | Tiling with Stone Tiles

      This Stone Tilers Forum sub-category is for stone tiling related threads and posts only. Stone tiling requires extra skill, extra products, and often special cutters and tools. So this dedicated Stone Tilers Forum category is just for that. Please post all stone tiling questions in this tilers forum.

      wayne Latest: Honed Slate wayne, Jun 29, 2015 at 7:18 PM
    3. Tilers Forums Arms | Professional Tilers Forum

      Professional Tilers Forum for professional tiling advice. Access-only. 50+ posts required and then contact a member of staff to gain access. This professional tilers forum offers advice on marketing, advice on the best place to buy trade prices tiles and tools, which lead-generation websites are best to sign up to, and all other aspects of tiling for a living. Don't miss out on the secrets of the trade.
    4. DIY Tiling Forum | Do-It-Yourself DIY Tiling

      Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Tiling Forum. For all those weekend warriors who want to make the job look and feel professional. Head over to this tiling forum to get your DIY tiling advice.
      TCS Latest: Limestone Tiles - Laying Tips (am I Mad?) TCS, Jun 30, 2015 at 8:32 PM
    5. Tanking and Wetroom Installation Advice Forum

      Discuss waterproofing and all aspects of both wall and floor tiling when tanking and creating a wetroom in this tanking and wet-room advice forum. Tanking at the very least the shower area can prevent the need to re-tile much earlier than should be expected. Not installing a tanking system is a common cause of bathrooms being needed to be re-tiled far sooner than they should need to be. Make sure you using a tanking kit at the least, in every area that water will be in direct contact with tiles.
      Dan Latest: Tanking help Dan, Jul 1, 2015 at 5:00 PM
    6. Tile Adhesive and Grout

      Tile Adhesive, Grout, and other Tiling Products along with substrate (floor and / or wall background) related questions and answers can be found in this forum category. Discussions include tile adhesive types and what products are required for which tile, and which surface.

    7. Tiling Jobs | Find a Tiler

      Any customers looking for a wall and floor tiler should post in this forum category. Find a local tiler. Tilers can find tiling jobs and tiling work in this forum.

      The title of the thread needs to include the area where the work is, and the type of work that it is (wall tiling, floor tiling, large format tiling, porcelain tiling, etc). And then include details of the job in the big box, and click submit. Any of 'our tilers' will contact you via private message if they are interested in visiting the job, to provide a job specification and estimated cost. Tilers need to contact the member by private message for sensitive pricing information or contact details.

      A Good Thread Title: Victorian Floor Restoration Nottingham - 10 meters of stone flooring
      A Bad Thread Title: Tiler Wanted
      Dan Latest: JOB: Blackheath SE3 7JP Floor Tiler Domestic 20sqm: Dan, Jun 26, 2015 at 2:20 PM
    8. I Recommend My Tiler

      Customers, if you can recommend your tiler then please do so here. If you can, include photo's, full tiler contact details and as much about your experience as possible.
    9. Tile Cleaning and Tile Restoration Forum

      Tile Cleaning and Tile Restoration Forum including restoring Victorian floor tiles, cleaning and resealing Victorian tiled flooring, restoring the colour of old stone tile and porcelain tiles, using cleaning and polishing machinery. Also advice found on sealing tiles and stone in general can be found in this Tile Cleaning and Restoration forum.
    10. Tiling Tools | Tile Cutters & Tiling Trowels

      Tiling Tools Forum for all discussion related to all tile tools. Cutters including wet cutters, 'dry' cutters (or rail cutters), cutting wheels and discs required for various tile types and / or tile cutter types. New and old tiling tools discussed including new products that are not launched yet. Yes, both Rubi Tile Cutters and Sigma Tile Cutters can be discussed in this tiling tools forum.

      andy8758 Latest: More Knee Pads andy8758, Jul 1, 2015 at 10:21 PM
    11. Underfloor Heating Forum

      Underfloor Heating Forum for all discussion related to both water underfloor heating systems and electric underfloor heating systems. Including preparing the floor before installation, floor insulation advice, how-to install underfloor heating and more. And of course how-to tile to underfloor heating systems. Both underfloor heating mats, and underfloor heating loose cable can be discussed in this forum, along with wet underfloor heating systems. If you'r'e fitting wet underfloor heating then please take a look at our Plumbing Forum. If you're fitting electric underfloor heating, please take a look at our Electrical Forum for added help and support.

      andy8758 Latest: Ditra Heat E andy8758, Jul 1, 2015 at 9:33 PM
    12. Tile Drilling

      Tile Drilling Advice from 365Drills. A dedicated tile drilling forum for questions and answers related to the drilling of all tile and stone. Drilling holes for bathroom pipes through wall or floor tiles, drilling for the waste pipe, drilling through porcelain tile or tough stone tile. All good in this forum.

    13. Tile News | Tile Industry News

      A forum for all manufacturers and suppliers in the industry to plug their latest products, tell the forum about the latest news, and to help organise events and trade days etc - If you represent a tile related company and would like to post your news and offers in this tiling forum then please contact us. The 'Contact Us' link is at the bottom of the forum.
      3_fall Latest: Tile Mountain's Visualiser 3_fall, Jun 7, 2015
    14. Tiling Overseas

      Different regulations to the UK? perhaps post the thread in here then.
      Dan Latest: Cars & Driving in Spain Dan, May 28, 2015
    15. Tiling Courses | Tiling NVQ | Tiling Training

      Tiling NVQ, Tiling CSCS Cards, Tiling Courses, Tiling SVQ. All discussion related to all types of courses in tiling including training centre feedback. Short Tiling Courses and Weekend Tiling Courses can be found discussed in this forum. Tiling Courses at College. Tiling Apprenticeships.
    16. Guest Area

      TilersForums.co.uk Tiling Forum guests and unregistered readers can ask questions in this forum category without the need to have registered to the forum beforehand. Guests posts await moderators approval before going live, so please be patient. Once a question in posted, our team of professional tilers, diy tilers, and technical experts from manufacturers and suppliers, will help answer your questions and get your problem solved.

      However, we encourage all guests to register for free.
      Dan Latest: Mapei grout and glitter Dan, Jun 9, 2015
  2. Tilers Forums Community Forums

    Tilers Forums Community Forums
    1. Welcome Forum | New Members Say Hi Here

      Introduce yourself to the Tilers Forum members.

      HOW TO POST A NEW THREAD / TOPIC: Enter the forum category, then click the button labelled "+ Post New Thread" to start a new thread/topic, give the thread a witty title, and fill in the big box with your introduction. Let us know why you're here, and what you're looking for, and how you found us!
      aphilp Latest: Good Afternoon Chaps! aphilp, Jun 29, 2015 at 12:42 AM
    2. Tilers Forums General Chat

      General off-topic chat forum. Discuss news, sports, politics, holidays, jokes, whatever. Everything goes. Though please remember this is a publicly-viewable forum category so we don't allow rude or offensive jokes, or swearing etc.
      dctyke Latest: Fitted Bath Problem dctyke, Jul 2, 2015 at 12:13 PM
    3. Tilers Forums For Sale and Wanted

      Our Tiling Forum 'For Sale and Wanted' forum category. You need to have posted to the forum before posting new items for sale in this forum category. You may make item requests in here though no matter how new to the forum you are. Members have found dozens of really good deals in here from fellow professional and DIY wall and floor tilers. Keep tabs on this forum category, and always remember to consider listing items at a very fair price for fellow members. They will return the favour one day!
      3_fall Latest: Wet Saw Nuova Mondial Mec 3_fall, Jun 30, 2015 at 6:14 PM
    4. Job Of The Month Forum

      TilersForums.co.uk JOTM Competition. Our monthly forum competition where the winners win prizes! (most of the time - Kudos if no prizes though hey?) Enter the best job you did during the month, and it'll get voted on the next month.
      Dan Latest: New Job Of The Month Contest - 7/2015 Dan, Jul 1, 2015 at 7:45 PM
    5. Discontinued Tile Finding | List Spare Tiles

      Free Discontinued Tile Finding Service. List all spare tiles here and it might help somebody who's looking for discontinued tiles someday.
      Dan Latest: Multiversatile Dan, Jun 30, 2015 at 2:18 PM
    6. Resource Discussion

      Discuss resources found in the resource area.
      Dan Latest: Ferrari F50 (testing) Dan, Jun 26, 2015 at 7:12 PM
  3. Tilers Forums News and Updates

    Tilers Forums News and Updates. General news about tilersforums.co.uk, and any updates to the forum and or it's processes and systems will be posted in this forum.
    1. Tilers Forum Updates and Feedback

      Tilers Forum Updates and Feedback. Any tiling forum updates get posted to this forum.
      3_fall Latest: 3_fall Is Now A Moderator 3_fall, Jul 1, 2015 at 5:53 AM