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  1. Rhys

    Rhys Active Member

    Stoke on trent
    Hi All

    I'm after a bit of advice re my squeaky chipboard floor. Before I tile, the boards will need to be screwed down then the backer boards on top.

    I just don't have a clue where the plastic central heating pipes are and ,obvs, can't use my detector. The boards either go under kitchen cupboards or under walls so getting one up isn't easy either. There's also no set pattern to the five existing nails randomly applied.

    The house is a three storey, kitchen on middle floor, with boiler below in one corner.

    Any ideas on how I get these boards to stop squeaking.

    Be brave with a bucket? Lol
  2. 3_fall

    3_fall Administrator. Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    SW London
    Hi Rhys, and welcome to the forum.
    To be honest, the safest way will be with a thermal camera.
    You can identify the location of the pipework with ease.
    Whether you hire or buy, you're looking at around £150-200 investment.
    Expensive? Might seem like it, but I can tell you, a punctured ufh pipe will cost you a shed load more than £200 to repair.
    Expensive? No!

    IMG_3161.JPG IMG_3164.JPG IMG_3178.JPG
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  3. Bond

    Bond Active Member

    You could try removing the nails and replacing them with screws, pour resin based wood glue into joints. ( and Force in with scraper).
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  4. Rhys

    Rhys Active Member

    Stoke on trent
    Wow thx for that. Never knew you could hire those. Just seen one in Jewson for £100 for 24 hours. Many thanks for your help.
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