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hi all

I’m not a tiler! Just a poor sucker who purchased a new build last year! My tiles seem to be turning yellow, especially around the grout.

Just wondering if someone can please advise how I can go about either cleaning this off (as it does wipe off)?

I’ve attached photos.. and no, we don’t smoke hahaha

Many thanks

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That is purely grime, scum, body fats and dirt I'm afraid. Sorry but thats all it is. Always worse on tiles like that and inferior quality grouts. Should clean up quite well with a Lithofin cleaner and some good scrubbing

John Benton

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That’s the problem with heavily textured tiles they harbour dirt and mould. I would recommend to any customer that they can have them as a feature wall but would never fix them in any wet areas. You know it’s new build cos they’ve used white grout on a grey tile!!!

Paul C.

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The tiles themselves aren't turning yellow. The grout has not been cleaned off the surface properly at the installation stage. Its lodged in the grooves and its that that's going mungy.

So my first course of action would be the LTP Grout Stain Remover and a black emulsifying (and half a ton of elbow grease) to scrub the grout out the surface grooves. Then hit the main grout joints with LTP Grimex to take of any remaining scum. If any orange stains remain, you may need to use a grout colourant such as Fuga Fresa or Grout Resuce to bring it back to white. Once cleaned, seal with the LTP Grout and Tile protector to minimise future discolouration.

If you use the grout stain remover, do not be tempted to go straight in bleach or other mould removers directly after. You'll get a chemical reaction causing some pretty nasty vapour to come off it. Remove all trace of the grout stain remover with grimex before attempting any further treatments.

Other manufacturers of cleaning/sealing products are available!
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