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  1. Leon
    Hi I'm a tiler in West Yorkshire I have 11 years experience in this industry I have gone on my own and it's slow my company is ARTILE help
  2. Andrew Anaxagoras
  3. Ciprian
    Director in my tilling company
  4. Ciprian
    Hi all and happy new year!!! All the best in new year!
  5. Scott
  6. Geoff dando
    Geoff dando Ian Brooks
    Hi Ian I'm new to the forum
    I'm interested in the tiling job you have
    I've been tiling 36 years just gone back to selfemployed
  7. chrisprendy
    chrisprendy Simon1970
    Hi mate did you get sorted ,I didn't see your post until just now ,I am in Middleton and have been tiling for over 30 years I'm busy a lot of the time but find myself with odd free weeks due to the contracts I have
  8. Banyo
    What's the Best Way to Clean My Stainless Steel Sink?
  9. DragonWales
    Made a new facebook page is this the best way to get my name out to potential customers ?
  10. A williams
    A williams
    I'm trying to upload a bunch of my work - how do I add anyone know?
  11. A williams
  12. Lisa Ann
    Lisa Ann
    These are photos of my new bathroom!
  13. Dante Tiling Ltd
    Dante Tiling Ltd
    Tilers needed, please get in touch...
  14. Brid tiler
    Brid tiler LEE MAC
    Hi lee I've posted pics so far of job on my original posting ,, hope you get to see them and like ? Thanks for your input last week on helping me come to that decision, cheers
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    2. LEE MAC
      LEE MAC
      Your welcome, thats what the forum is all about, helping each other.
      Nice work there by the way.
      Dec 3, 2016
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  15. Pro Tiling
    Pro Tiling
    The best job in the best time!
  16. Darren Martin
    Darren Martin
    Laying 145mm x 900mm Plank tiles on floor with under floor heating. Is it best using a decoupling matt?
  17. Mark jude
    Mark jude
    Director floor wall covering company in South Wales , est family company inc small building projects , kitchens and bathroom refits