Would YOU walk away happy from a job like this? (Pic-heavy!!)

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Andy Smith

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Hi all. In line with my other thread asking for some opinions on tiling layouts for my bathroom reno redo, here are some pictures showing why I’m not happy with the current install. Let me know if I’m just being fussy.

I supplied the tile, which was approved by the tiler (who was also the contractor). Italian, rectified porcelain 24x12”. The job included full removal of the old bath suite and all new drywall/DensShield in an empty room, so the tiler created his own surfaces to tile onto.

They left 12 of the 24x12” tiles and 14 sheets of mosaic spare at the end of the job, so ample opportunity to re-cut any tiles they might not have been happy with.

They chose and supplied all adhesive and setting materials - we were happy for them to use whatever they were familiar and comfortable with.

Timeline and cost were set by the contractor and not shortened/lowered by us. We moved out of the house while the project was done. I visited after drywall was installed for a check-in. And then 3 days later once the tiling was done.

F5132E14-7803-4BE5-9731-7EC3E7E13313.jpeg B2AA18B0-7544-4CB7-8408-B2AD0BB1F483.jpeg CAED2245-E019-421A-BD0E-2CADC759643D.jpeg 674D93B1-33C6-498F-B824-97909C7B74BC.jpeg 7BF9FF5E-3CA7-4F9B-98BB-D9513E6F46FD.jpeg DCE32434-149E-484D-B589-B43BA7DC465F.jpeg 0EC10DA4-3C21-459F-9D43-A820CBF34FA0.jpeg D0C446D9-7705-4C6A-A33A-1E83E548E556.jpeg EEEB62B4-0DD6-447A-8A47-C6E7CAC39B8B.jpeg ECE2BF81-89E6-496A-9A1C-7CA1C5A120CB.jpeg B0E49FC5-046C-45A7-B4C5-DBED89DF9368.jpeg D60CA089-B136-4CB9-A3A0-82297BAA8A2F.jpeg C9438AB7-B699-45FD-98C9-965500FBF518.jpeg 84D38C23-6774-4595-81F1-52DBEADF1E10.jpeg 7CF119CB-8449-4BC3-9B89-D8D73671B231.jpeg A8818A76-7007-4E40-90C4-0EA753E38F7E.jpeg CA4C4B1C-F51D-4EA6-9CD1-D4E13E46CCD4.jpeg 17FFF68C-4D26-4CB5-8885-B3D998DD8E04.jpeg 4E83F266-245D-4FDA-B674-D6D677AA2170.jpeg 722CA433-969C-42DB-88F6-CFE93E8F8E0C.jpeg 28C94A98-EC16-4983-8300-361A383ECC18.jpeg 76A4994C-8134-42E5-86D1-3C63E2F26102.jpeg 3E2F09A7-F482-4E92-A8FC-9F22342ABC4C.jpeg 5C1BB74B-A25F-428F-9CDE-86E9C69811EE.jpeg A6C6FCB1-217C-45A1-922C-CF4B4CBECC3F.jpeg 98029CAC-D6F8-4C48-A11D-D98F439D8562.jpeg 9970EDAE-EA2E-4874-90A9-002C7E91E07B.jpeg AAD2EDB4-BA88-46C0-B460-FCFD96CD6E4F.jpeg

timeless john

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Another one for the wall (and floor) of shame!
That’s very poor and there should be no excuses - a total mess.
Level clips for the rectified tiles would have helped but only experience could have produced a better job of the mosaic walls.
Not what should be accepted if a decent standard is to be upheld.
100% I wouldn’t be happy!

John Benton

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Truly awful, clearly he thinks that is an acceptable level to work to.

Tradesmen have different standards that they work to. This is the wrong end of the scale.

Andy Smith

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Yep. Honestly, I wish he’d just been up-front and declined the job or told me that it’s beyond his abilities. There’s no shame in that as far as I’m concerned. It’s more frustrating that he took it on and ploughed on even after it must have been apparent that he wasn’t hitting the mark. Now it’s much more hassle and will cause more inconvenience and expense to put right. But, obviously, he’s not concerning himself with any of that...


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Is it a Bathroom fitter doing the work or company that takes on all the works and sub contracting the tiling?

Andy Allen

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What checks did you do on the fitter to convince yourself he was the right man for the job...??
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