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  1. Shezzaar

    Shezzaar New to

    Hello guys,
    I am wanting to know if it is possible to tile directly onto this wall or not?
    My other options would be to replaster, one or both walls, or replace the plasterboard wall.
    It is for a bathroom, with a shower being in the corner, so both wall wills be effected.
    See photos;
    Photo 1 is the plasterboard wall with insulation behind it.
    Photo 2 is a plastered brick wall, that I could either reskim it all or patch it up, thoughts?

    Thanks in advance
  2. jobdone

    jobdone Active Member

    Repack the plaster board and dry line the other wall, tank and you will then have good walls to tile
  3. andy8758

    andy8758 Professional Tiler

    Plasterboard is very cheap, extremely easy to remove/replace, and can be tiled directly onto, for an excellent tiled finish. Brick/block plastered walls can be repaired by render.
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