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  1. Matt Bott

    Matt Bott Professional Tiler

    I have recently taken part in the Substrate Preparation and Schlüter®-WETROOMS course.

    Preparation is key to a perfect installation, during the morning workshop we will discuss, demonstrate and you'll get hands-on with our range of complete solutions for substrates, waterproofing, uncoupling, underfloor heating and drainage systems. During the wetroom portion of the day, we will focus on ensuring that our CE marked waterproofing and drainage system solution is understood, making the installers job simple and secure with peace of mind.

    Our workshops take in to account British Standards and best practice and have been specifically designed with you in mind and feature classroom, demonstration and practical hands-on guidance in a relaxed open forum environment.

    • 1 day course with an overnight stay the night before and all meals provided.

    I opted out of the hotel room as i live close so rather than starting at checking in at the hotel i will dive into the evening meal.

    I arrived at 7:30 pm Zamani's restaurant in ashby-de-la-zouch to a warm welcoming from Andrew Curry the Training manager @Schlüter-Systems Ltd@Schlüter-Systems Ltd and the rest of the guys taking part.

    The meal consisted of 3 amazing courses and the drinks flowed, we sat and chatted everything tiling for hours it was a great get together for tilers it got to about 10:30 pm and the taxi arrived to take us back to the hotel (I here the guys found a bar there too).

    8 am I arrive at Schlüter-Systems Education Centre.
    image.jpg image (1).jpg image (2).jpg

    I was once again greeted by Andrew Curry, issued a visitors badge and taken through into the social room with a lot of mini displays of there products, dining tables hot and cold refreshments at which point i was greeted by Sarah Meller (Technical and training coordinator) and offered a drink of my choosing.

    The day was very educational we learnt a lot about most of schluter's great history and vast array of products on offer, as well as getting hands on and learning to fit a fair few aswell.

    there is a large room that shows all the products in action with a lot of stuff being cross sectioned with clever use of clear plastic tiles that makes it very simple to work out the products use and correct fitting. (we were allowed to take photos for educational purpose but were asked politely to keep them out of the public domain for the time being as they are still a working progress)

    all in all an excellent day and i would recommend anyone to try and get a booking on this course.

    A collection of things that i was given throughout the course of the day.

    Thanks to all the @Schlüter-Systems Ltd@Schlüter-Systems Ltd staff i met that day along with rest of the guys there.

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  2. JulianSidney

    JulianSidney Billy no mates. Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    one I'd like to do if I can ever find the time

    good write up:)
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  3. Kyle Knowles

    Kyle Knowles Professional Tiler

    I agree I'd love to go but at the moment I'm doin 6 and 7 day weeks and then with 2 kids it's almost impossible
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  4. JulianSidney

    JulianSidney Billy no mates. Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    7 days a week, 2 dogs and building a bungalow. No time for anything :(
    oh, and a wife :)
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  5. 3_fall

    3_fall Administrator. Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    SW London
    [​IMG] :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  6. andy8758

    andy8758 Professional Tiler

    Excellent information in your review Matt. The Schluter training is like their products - other tile manufacturers also do this. Just not as well as Schluter make it. The big difference between product and training, is the products are expensive, but the training is free. ;)

    Ignoring the freebies (which we all love), what the training gives you is an understanding of just how good the products really are, as well as learning what to do to install them properly. :thumbsup:
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  7. smudger85

    smudger85 Active Member

    Great write up mate and good to meet you at the course @Matt Bott@Matt Bott:thumbsup:
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  8. Matt Bott

    Matt Bott Professional Tiler

    Cheers Danny good to meet you too:thumbsup:
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  9. MissTiler

    MissTiler TTA Tile Fixer of the year winner 2017 Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler TTA Member JOTM Winner

    Norf London
    Their courses are great, and Andrew is a great instructor.
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