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  1. DJS

    DJS Professional Tiler

    Hi Everyone,

    I know this has been asked before (and I am currently trying to learn how to use SketchUp, so any tips appreciated), but has their been any other software releases or web based resources, that easily allow you to create tile designs that have your own finish.

    Just negotiating an encaustic effect ceramic tile job with field/border and corner tiles (The Slate Blue Berkeley Range at Topps). So want to show the customer as much detail as possible, as I will have to shrink some borders (cut tile so the pattern won't match).

    If possible, I would like the software to decide best fit before getting to the customers property.

    Many Thanks
  2. DJS

    DJS Professional Tiler

  3. DJS

    DJS Professional Tiler

    Think I managed to work it out to a point!
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