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New Profile Posts

  1. Ashley Heath
    Ashley Heath
    Always looking for new tilers!
  2. rufus the tiler
    rufus the tiler
    Anyone do full bathrooms including the plumbing, could do with some advice on a headscratcher haha
  3. wrighty
    wrighty Mapei UK Marketing
    Hi Mapei.
    Would you be able to source me a grout swatch please. The cassette type with actual grout inside metal channels. The last I saw of mine was in the van rear view mirror,bouncing into a million pieces after falling off the top of the van.
  4. Adam_Clap_1983
    Building my dream
  5. anne_mutens
    What are the best flooring materials to use?
  6. Stu Brard
    Stu Brard
    Evening all, I’m new to the forum and just wanted to say hi! Hope you’re all keeping well and busy!
  7. WC Tiler
    WC Tiler
    The mrs says I'm always at work. she para I'm 2tiling her lmao
  8. APStileanddesign
    Tiler based in Cheltenham
  9. JohnsonL
    A goal without a plan is nothing but a dream!
    1. WC Tiler likes this.
  10. dottigirl
    Spending too much time planning, not enough doing.
  11. Macmad
    Hi. New to this forum and looking for advice
  12. TideGrout
    Working on an online grout colour selection tool.
  13. HardieBacker
    My name is Luke Stratford. Really glad to of finally joined such a great platform to engage with you guys.
  14. theandroids
    theandroids 3_fall
    Hey, do you know where I can get true matt black/unglazed mosaic tiles in the UK?
  15. Simon Dale
    Simon Dale
    Will do anything !!
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