Welcome back to TilersForums.co.uk, if you’ve been here before that is

Welcome back to TilersForums.co.uk. The domain that the forum was hosted on from 2006 to 2019. So it has quite a bit of history. The forum saw three forum software makes, half a dozen main theme/design changes, and dozens of smaller tweaks – some broke the forum, some didn’t.

We’ve seen quite a few groups of forum leaders over the years. Some became staff, some got different jobs within the industry and didn’t have time for the forum. Some even set up their own forum too.

But ours, the original forum, has always been here and always will be here.

My first actual tile-related forum was TileForums.com and was setup by me whilst I worked at a company called Professional Independent Training Techniques (aka PITT) which provided independent tiling training courses (as in not part of an official college, or a company providing …