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We’ve become known for having some of the best forums on the net of which most are a UK Trades Forum, including a tilers, electricians and plumbers. Along with

UK Trades Forum
UK Trades Forum


Our first UK trades forum was the tilers forum back in 2006, then we launched the plumbing forum, then the electrical forum, and we even tried a plasterers forum at one point too but gave up on that one.

We have around 6,000 tilers, 30,000 plumbers, and 56,000 electricians across the main three right now. Visiting at any one time during peak in the evening right after work clocks off for most the trades can be as many as 2,500 at any one time.

Posts to the forum come in at a rate of around 1 every couple of minutes on average over the network of forums, including the UK Trades ones.

UK Trades Forum Networking

Our tradesmen, of which most are from the UK, spend a long time on our forums providing advice to fellow trades. They benefit in a number of ways including gaining business via the network of websites we have.

Join our UK Trades Forum today and find work, chat with other tradesmen, and generally have a laugh with like-minded people. 🙂

As well as sharing trade advice with others, our forum members find discounts from suppliers and distributors within their individual industries. At the time of writing we have discounts on vans, business cards, insurances and other trade-related services. Along with courses and training, products and tools.

Electricians Forums, Tilers Forums and UK Plumbers Forums are all individually the largest forums of their type, the most visited, the most used, and most important – The Friendliest UK Trades Forum Network online.

You can visit them, join them, and be welcomed on them right from the start.

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