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We’ve created this blog area mainly for Tiling News, and we’ve started to get a little news and press releases on it so it’s starting to take shape now. We’ve got a few more pages to work on, they’re in the main menu with not much content on them, but the actual tiling news blog area is there. And it’s kinda working.

We’ve asked companies to send us their news, and they’ve started to take it seriously and send

Tiling News
Tiling News

in some bits and bobs. We’ll be working more with them to get their news quicker, and to post it quicker once we have it. The idea being that people can engage with the tiling news right as it’s published, via the forum.

News in the tile industry isn’t always the most appealing, it’s usually not life-changing or shocking, so it doesn’t get the attention it often deserves.  But we’re hoping we can get the content out to more tilers quicker than what can be done through existing channels such as magazines or mailshots etc.

Get Your News Delivered Directly Today

TilersForums.co.uk has had a few goes at delivering news now, using a few different bits of software, but this one is using wordpress, and it’s main use is to deliver news via websites. So it kinda makes us wonder why it wasn’t the first choice for our tiling news right from the offset.

You can send your news to the forum, [email protected] Or if you have a forum account and get in touch with us, we’ll give you an account that you can use to publish your news directly to the blog as often as you wish. We may edit the articles to make sure they’re not overly salesy, but for the time being anything is better than nothing. 🙂 We can get a bit more fussy down the line, perhaps when we’re as big as DMG. 😀

Capture the latest Tile News here.

Update: 15/8/2017

We’ve created an easy way to get your tile news to us. Email [email protected] with your news and press releases and we’ll be sure to add them to our site ASAP. Remember that we have a few trade forums and can get news out to the tile, electrical and plumbing industry quite quickly for you, for free.


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