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Tiling Jobs for UK Wall and Floor Tilers

If you’re looking for tiling jobs in the UK then you’ve come to the right place. TilersForums.co.uk has tiling jobs posted by customers (for domestic tiling work), contractors (for commercial tiling work), and agencies – for both types of tiling jobs.

Tiling Jobs
Tiling Jobs

We’ve got a couple of sections on the forum for tiling jobs depending on whether you’re a tiler looking for work, or whether you’re a customer looking for a tiler.

We’ll link you to them all here quickly, then below explain them a bit for you. But they kinda make sense.

Find Tiling Jobs:-

Why it’s free at TilersForums.co.uk to find tiling work

Tiling Work and Tiling Jobs for the UK’s Tilers

TilersForums.co.uk started in 2006 and we now have the largest network of tilers and tile showrooms in the UK. We are free to use, register to, post jobs to, or find work via, and always will be.

Our model is to then seek sponsorship on the busy free website from companies who appeal to tilers. Think a bit like Facebook or Twitter. They’re free, but then sell ads.

So we have areas on the forum where customers can post their jobs. They’ll give details related to the area, how big the job is, approx when it needs doing, and that sort of stuff. Then we let all tilers on the forum message the customer (for free) and offer to provide a quote and go see the job. Which we always recommend doing, never quote blind.

Areas on the forum

Customers Find Tilers

You can post to this area of the forum free of charge. Post your job, list the area you’re in, and find a local tiler.

Tilers Find Customers

Look for jobs posted in this area, and message the customer directly to gain more information about the job and offer to go and quote or it.

Tilers Directory

Tilers: List your skills here, post links to your website, upload photos of your work, and more, all for free.
Customers: Find tilers – contact them. Easy.

Find Electricians or Electrical Work / Find Plumbers and Plumbing Work

Also, while we have you, if you’re looking for plumbers or electricians we have websites for those too. And those are also free of charge.


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