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We Have the Largest Network of Tilers & Showrooms in the UK
Tilers: 5,319
Tile Showrooms: 78 (and counting)

We asked the tile industry to fill out a quick survey, 114 so far have responded, and here are some of the results.

We wanted to find out how tilers are doing online. Many don’t have websites, but those that do seem to do well out of them. So it’s worth others really concentrating on getting online it seems.

TilersForums.co.uk is lucky to honestly say that we have the largest network of tilers and tile showrooms in the UK. Literally they most. We have around 5,300 tilers, and so far just short of 80 tile retail companies (with between them around 175 showrooms). We’re going to spend Q3 and Q4 working on the tile showrooms too, we have some pretty cool benefits coming to the forum, and they’ll all be free of charge.

We started out in 2006, with just a couple of members chatting tiling. A weird subject, sure, but it took off.

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