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Every tile job needs a tile adhesive. Whether inside or out, walls or floors, small mosaics or huge large-format tiles, they all need to be stuck to the surface that needs to be tiled with a good suitable tile adhesive.

Tile adhesives come in many forms because they need to stick so many tile types to so many backgrounds. Some are powders you mix with water, some are in buckets already mixed, and some are powders that come with a bottle of liquid that you carefully mix with the powder.

As well as the adhesive ‘classes’ that specify where they can be used and what tile types they can be used with, you then of course have many tile adhesive manufacturers all over the world selling to the UK tile market. So each will have a tile adhesive that can tile a ceramic tile to a wooden floor, or perhaps a porcelain mosaic to a shower tray former, for example.

We tend to find that the tilers on TilersForums.co.uk that use adhesives every single day in their jobs come to the conclusion some are better than others. They can even tell when their favourite adhesive isn’t mixed correctly by simply poking it around a little with a ‘bucket trowel’.

They professional tilers are often the ones adhesive manufacturers will listen to when creating a new adhesive. Though they will often also talk to the guys making the tile backer boards and screeds and things like that, as it’s their products the adhesive needs to stick to in the modern age, not just concrete or wooden floors, and plaster or plasterboard walls.

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