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If you’re reading this blog you’re probably already aware of our tiling forum, But did you know about our plumbing forum, – The UK’s largest free plumbing advice website.

Plumbing Forum for Free Plumbing Advice
Plumbing Forum for Free Plumbing Advice

We currently have around 19,000 professional and DIY plumbers registered to the forum. They share advice just like on, help find each other more work, discounts from suppliers, that kinda stuff.

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The main thing about working together with fellow tradesmen is the fact that news and information can spread around quickly. Plumbing advice is usually gained via training and courses, or trade days. Often DIY will just find some advice online but it’s not always specific to their needs. Professional’s will find plumbing advice within the plumbers network locally, perhaps at a suppliers etc, but it’s not always very accurate and usually biased towards selling a specific item.

Plumbing Advice Specific To The Job

With you get plumbing advice specific to the job in-hand. Professional’s and DIYers can both upload pictures, a description of the end-game finished job, and between us all, we help them get there.

Our readers will usually find a few threads on the forum first, then spend a bit of time searching around. If they haven’t found what they’re looking for by then, they can clearly see we’re active and have some of the best plumbers and advice online. Fresh each day we get hundreds of new messages posts to dozens of categories all with the aim of helping people for free.

Feel free to register to for free today and join in with the rest of the gang in providing advice to the masses, and gaining some from time to time too. British Plumbers forum.

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