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If you like our forum, perhaps checkout a forum ran by our plastering friends, The Plasterers Forum. They use the same forum software as us so you should fit right in and get yourself around easily enough. Danny who owns it is a good web guy, knows what he’s doing. We did try some years ago to do our own, but it never really took off because Danny was already there with all the users and the advice.

Plasterers Forum
Plasterers Forum

Some of the categories include plastering tools, plastering courses and NVQ’s, rendering, floor screeding, damp-proofing and other technical stuff like fibrous plastering. You can quickly find advice related to how-to-plaster whether you’re DIY or professional.

Looking for Plastering Work on Plasterers Forum

If you’re looking for work on The Plasterers Forum there are a few sections to note. There’s one for plasterers looking for plasterers. One for customers looking for plasterers. And then another for plasterers looking for a labourer. Or joey. πŸ™‚

Lime, Marble and Clay plastering techniques, tools and products are discussed. As you’d expect. They’ve got a fair bit of content related to the technical side to all types of plastering including these fairly skilled or old-skool variations.

Please do feel free to checkout The Plasterers Forum, it’s free to register to and ask questions and things. As you’d expect from a forum like ours, and theirs. πŸ™‚

Always mention that you’re from one of our forums. I’m sure the lads there will look after you. The guy who owns it is named Danny, say Dan sent you from If there are any access-only areas you’d like to gain access to then feel free to ask Danny. If he needs to check with us to make sure you’re trade, we’ll be more than happy to confirm that, as long as you let us know first so we’re expecting the nudge.


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