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Original Style have updated their Mosiac Collection with more wonderful tiles. 83 new styles to be precise!

Their changes include new additions to their shell wall mosiac collection such as this White Pearl Herringbone:

Original Style_Mosaics_White Pearl Herringbone EW-WPHERMOS_Landscape_Close-up.jpg


This style called Ice is great for accenting neutral colours with its raised surface and comes in a few different tones:

Original Style_Mosaics_Ice Raised Rectangle GW-ICERRMOS_Landscape.jpg


They have also released some new copper coloured tiles, in keeping with the latest trends, in various shapes from standard square to circle.  Other new metallics include silver and gold statement tiles.

Original Style have also brought out a new range of stone tiles in a variety of shapes from hexagons to linear. Shown here is Neve

Original Style_Mosaics_Neve Linear EW-NEVMOS_Close-up.jpg

Don’t forget their new range of floor mosiac tiles too, all made with that Original Style quality that you come to expect. Check out their website¬†here



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