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TilersForums.co.uk provides all of its many services to the wall and floor tiling industry free of charge. The Tile Association is using a comparison to one of the most expensive schemes going, CheckaTrade, but haven’t used a comparison against something like our forum. So we’ve done it to show the differences.

You might say it’s the difference between oldskool board rooms and new web-based communities. Whilst they’re trying to get with the times with their social presence and marketing, they’re still using oldskool tactics to sell membership. And tilers aren’t thick. They see through things like this on a daily basis in tile showrooms that use the same tactics.

TilersForums.co.uk was setup a few years after TTA. And while on their homepage they boast having the most tilers and tile showrooms, they don’t. TilersForums.co.uk has. We also have more benefits. And we’re free of charge for all. And we’ll show you, in TTA fashion, why.

  Description of Services Yes Yes Yes
  Image Gallery Yes Yes Yes & You Manage it
  Link to Your Website Yes Yes Yes & Deep-links
  Link to Your Social Media Profiles Yes Yes Yes
  Your Contact Details Shown Publicaly No No FREE
  Access Technical & Advice No Yes FREE
  Funding for Training No Yes Advice
  Technical Publications No Discounted FREE
  Free Industry Publications Yes – Free anyway Yes – Free anyway Yes – Free anyway
  Cashback with Liability Insurance No £50 It’s discounted more than £50
  Free Website and Marketing Advice No No Yes
  Discounted Technical Inspections No Yes No
  Share Advice Amongst Members No No Yes
  Discounted Underfloor Heating No No Yes
  Discounted New Vans No No Yes
  Discounted Business Cards No No Yes
  National Tilers Events Calendar No No Yes
  Free Downloads and Resources No No Yes
  Tiling Jobs Posted by Customers Yes No Yes
  Tiling Jobs Posted by Contractors No No Yes
  Tiling Jobs Posted by Agencies No No Yes
  Scheme Mostly Has All Trades Tile Showrooms & Manufactuers Tilers
  Annual Cost as of Jan 2016 £619 + VAT £150 + VAT FREE!


Another thing that’s different with TilersForums.co.uk and an association or industry scheme, is like with Twitter or Facebook, you can comment live, right there and then, on every single thing we do. And we do get a lot of commentators. Along with everybody else, you’re welcome to comment on this tongue-in-cheek table we’ve done here. I’m sure if you read the comments, you’ll see why our members stick with us.

Please leave a comment and tell us why you use TilersForums.co.uk!


  • 3_fall

    I’ve got to admit, without tilersforums.co.uk I wouldn’t be where I am today professionally.
    The people I’ve met, the places I’ve been, the work I’ve undertaken, the courses I’ve taken, the knowledge I have acquired,
    has put me where I am today!
    I’ve learnt new skills, met incredible people, I work with an amazing mentor and I have completed the type of contracts far beyond that I would have ever thought possible.
    And yes, I’m a member of staff here, but that’s only because I’m compelled on a personal level, to give something back.
    It’s a thriving community that looks after its own, and no matter what the issue, someone here can usually help.
    I’m talking in the practical and technical sense, and not in a legal one.
    As clever as some of us are, we’re not legal eagles haha.
    I’ve not found anywhere to date that has been able to give as much support as this forum.
    I shall be forever indebted to this community for the help and guidance it’s been able to provide.
    Thank you.

  • Some other benefits I'm thinking of adding which you don't get with associations and 'schemes' like Checkatrade:-

    • Share Advice Amongst Members
    • Discounted Underfloor Heating
    • Discounted Business Cards
    • Discounted New Vans
    • National Tilers Event Calendar
    • Downloads and Resources
    • Tiling Jobs Posted by Customers
    • Tiling Jobs Posted by Contractors
    • Tiling Jobs Posted by Agencies
  • I joined tilersforums.co.uk not that long ago, before that I searched the internet for the tools, adhesives, grouts, heating mats etc that were new on the market and needed a review to assure me they were ok to use . Tilersforums.co.uk always seemed to have the review or advice I was looking for, and decided to join. Anything a tiler needs be it tools, materials, vans, business cards, trade days and events or advice on latest tiles and installation techniques is all there and thanks to our sponsors, staff and all the excellent professional tilers there is always someone to help. To payback some of the help I have received on this forum I welcome the diy enthusiast or the first time tiler and if I can help with any advice then I will gladly share. Also it's easy for me to buy from the sponsors as they are big names in the tiling and commercial world and would be buying from them anyway! Thanks tilersforums.co.uk 🙂

  • I first appeared here about 10yrs ago. A complete amateur who had jacked in a lucrative sales position with a national company and found himself in an old van with a few tools and a burning desire to be a professional tiler. In other words – I knew NOTHING.
    I learnt so much in my first few years, by asking questions, reading others, debating, asking why – not just how.
    Like all forums, there are people who join for debate, to boost their ego, to promote their own businesses and agendas, but:
    (and this is the key to a truly good forum)
    there were, and still are, people involved who are passionate about the trade. Care about driving up standards, and importantly – selflessly give of their time, experience and skills to help others.

    All other perks to the forum are just that in my view – side perks.

    Definition of "forum" – a place where ideas and information are discussed and exchanged.
    Keep to that as the core ethos of this place, and it will continue last.
    Dilute it at the forum's peril.

  • What am I doing here I?
    I have not yet figured out …;). ahaha
    why I joined?
    it was a Sunday like any other, I spent Sunday afternoon searching the internet, new work equipment. tired of not find out novelties, (depressed as each time), I said, why not translate what I look for in English ?.
    I opened up a whole new world, a few minutes later, I was in the forum, what I have always tried was below my eyes, registration immediately made, then after two days, you have accepted me, and then began the problems ……
    seems easy with google translate, but it is not true, the variants of the words are many.
    Fortunately, I found a Samaritan named MARC, who accompanied me.
    thanks again marc.
    and thanks for the welcome he received.

    I forgot, why enroll in forum, because here's everything you need to tilers.

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