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In the UK we have a LOT of old floors, and people need to find a Victorian floor tiler quite often. Whether to repair an old Victorian floor, or to clean geometric floor tiles, or whether somebody would even like to lift their old Victorian floor tiles from their hallway, and relay them somewhere else in their home.

Find a Victorian Floor Tiler
Find a Victorian Floor Tiler

We have the experienced tilers who can do that, and it’ll cost you nothing to find them and get speaking to them to chat about arranging a visit or quoting for the work.

If you’re a professional Victorian floor tiler reading this, then it’s also free for you to get involved in our forum and get the potential customers for free too.

Are All Victorian Floor Tilers The Same?

Not at all. Whilst the floor may look the same as the end result whether tiler A carried out the work or tiler B, the preparation and work gone into the floor before fitting the geometric tiles is immense in most cases. So it’s very very hard to tell what’s gone on just by looking at the finished product. One floor may last a lifetime or two, the other could start to crumble in high-traffic areas quite quickly. And let’s be honest, Victorian floors as usually an entrance feature to a property or establishment. They’re literally where people walk the most.

Tips to Find a Victorian Floor Tiler

Firstly you want to check the previous work done by the tiler. Not just reviews on a review website. You can often find tradesmen with brilliant reviews for fitting a tap, and many of them. But would you trust them to install a swimming pool because of them listing that along with tap repairs on the various reviews websites they’re on? No.

So don’t just find any tiler. Find a tiler who has a lot of experience installing, maintaining, and caring for Victorian floor tiles. You don’t just want to find any victorian floor tiler.

On our forum we give tilers a chance to regularly upload their work to their member profiles. Other tilers view them, so they’re shy if their work isn’t up to scratch. The counter to that is when a tiler is proud of their work, they’ll upload a lot of it. And when other brilliant time-served tilers peer review it and also say it’s awesome, you know you’ve found somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Are There Any on

I’m glad you asked. Yes there are. 😀 Of course there are.

Professional Experienced Victorian Floor Tile Fixers
Professional Experienced Victorian Floor Tile Fixers

Here is one: Timeless Tiling Solutions, or as we call him, uncle John. He’s the guy I pinched the photo from for this blog. (I’m sure he wont mind..?) If he can’t help he may even help you find a victorian floor tiler in your area himself. He’s in the know.

And if you want to find a few more, checkout the Tilers Directory, we have a category just for Victorian Floor Tilers.

Message them on the forum, ring them, email them, view their work, in some cases you could perhaps even speak to their previous customers (it’s not always the done thing I must be honest but some don’t mind with work this skilled).

Take note of things they say about the sub-floor condition. If it’s poor, or needs looking at, let them come see it. You want a tiler that’s talking about sorting the floor out before even chatting about the tile type too much. It’s paramount with a Victorian floor that you have a really good quality sub-floor before even buying the adhesive.

Good luck in your search to find a victorian floor tiler, and we hope to see pictures of your finished floor afterwards, no matter where you get your tiler from or what type of floor it is!

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