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Tile adhesive and grout choice is probably the most important choice you make when tiling. There are quite a few adhesive types when it comes to fixing to various backgrounds. And then there are quite a few adhesive manufacturers who make each of those types.

A couple of main pointers:-

Never use ‘adhesive and grout in one’. It is neither good as an adhesive, or good as a grout.
Don’t assume an adhesive is water proof even if it says so on the bag; While cement-based adhesives can get wet and dry out many times over and nothing ever happen, the water that has soaked through the adhesive to your background will most likely damage the background, so then the adhesive has nothing to stick to.

Tile Adhesive Classifications

Because there are so many surfaces you can tile to, there are many tile adhesive classifications.

Type C – Contentious (Cement based Adhesives)
Type D – Dispersion (Ready mixed / Tubbed)
Type R – Resin (Epoxy)

Extra characteristics are described by the numbers and letters below.

1 – Normal Adhesive
2 – Improved Adhesive
F – Fast Setting
T – Thixotropy (Reduced slip/ Slip Resistance)
E – Extended open time
G – Grout

S – Elasticity / Flexibility / Deformability
S1 = Deformable (Flexible)
S2 = Highly Deformable

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