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If you’re never going to be tiling again, or perhaps just once in a blue moon, then don’t fork out loads of cash on tools. You need a trowel or two, and a tile cutter. Some levels, pens or pencils for marking the walls/floors and tiles, and plenty of patience.

You can hire a cutter (electric or a ‘flat-bed’), or buy a good second-hand tile cutter that’s worth some money, then sell it for pretty much the same price you bought it for. eBay can be good for those cutters, but you can find them in the for sale and wanted area on the forum from time to time too. Or buy a half-decent cutter and keep it. That’s probably the most expensive of the three options.

Trowel-wise you will need a good trowel that is suitable for the area you’re tiling. So floors need 100% coverage. Meaning when you apply a tile to the adhesive you have spread on the floor, then pick the tile back up, there should be no air pockets at all. So floors need the right trowel. A large tile will perhaps need more adhesive behind it if your floor isn’t brilliantly flat and smooth. So you’ll need a trowel that A) gives 100% coverage and B) leaves more adhesive on the floor. On a wall in a dry area, you only need 60% coverage, so your trowel choice is a lot less fussy.

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