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Everybody who is tiling somewhere, whether a floor, their bathroom, or just a splashback, will be buying tiles. So everybody is looking for the best prices on the best tiles within their budget.

You have to be aware of the fact that cheap slate, stone, granite and marble can have imperfections. Natural materials come in a veriety of qualities and to make things even more complicated, suppliers and manufacturers may have different quality ‘ratings’. So for example a 3 out of 5 star rating of a certain tile from one supplier, may be equal to a 2 star from another.

Porcelain, ceramic, quarry and other manufactured tiles can clearly have a varied quality based on the standards of the factory that is making them. And the availability of them in tile stores is based on the willingness of the supplier to source the best of the tiles available from all the suppliers available to them.

So with whichever tile type you’re looking for, clearly just getting the ‘cheapest’ doesn’t always turn out that way. If you’re paying a tiler to fix really poor quality tiles, they perhaps may need to use more tile adhesive if they’re varied in thicknesses (a common problem with natural stones) or are bent (a common problem with large format tiles) for example. If you chose cheap mosaics, they may need to be realigned on each sheet they’ve been supplied fixed to, which is going to slow the job down massively.

So making sure your tiles are reasonably priced, but also good quality, is paramount for getting the best overall price for the tiling job, so you’re not paying too much for the tiles, and the tiler can fix them problem-free.

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