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Firstly, apologies for not being on the forum as much as I should be for the past month or so. You can guarantee if I’ve not been on any of the forums (which is the case, but hard to tell if you only post on and not our other forums) for a while that it’s something important offline I’ve had to be spending my time on, which is the case too. I’ll be back online properly again soon. As always, if there’s ever an issue that you need me for, PM me on the forum or email [email protected] and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Now that’s out of the way, I can tell you I’m posting this blog post to inform you of a bit of a small change to the forum. Specifically a forum category.

The category in question is (or was) the Stone Tiling Forum. Which when it was created a few years ago, was perhaps a handy forum (or sub-forum as it was, to the main tiling forum) for both professional and DIY seeking tiling advice for the following reasons:-

  • Stone tiling is something your average tiler would need to concentrate on,
  • Your new tiler would need help on,
  • Your tile shop may need an experienced tiler to help with the display (whether cutting at least, or sealing and treating too),
  • and your DIY tiler should avoid like the plague.

Now back in the day, although the ‘Stone Tiling Forum’ category wasn’t particularly busy, and not everybody would spot it, and still post their stone tiling questions in the main tiling forum category, it’s fair to say it served some people well. And actually, perhaps pointed out the fact that it’s not a case of ‘I’ve done a kitchen splash-back and the tiles are still on so I’m going to do my kitchen floor with slate now‘ type affair when it comes to tiling skills. So perhaps saved a few DIYers a few quid, and gained a few of our forum members some stone tiling work.

The Introduction of Large Format Thin Porcelain Tiles (Even XL Porcelain – Meters Wide x Meters in Length and a few measly millimeters thick/thin)

Now it’s 2017 and the Stone Tiling Forum category was getting quiet. Yet the highly skilled tiling work that DIYers should be avoiding hasn’t gone away. In fact, it’s changed. To perhaps something even far more skilled.

What’s it called? Depends which end of the A34 or M6 you’re from, but it’s known as (not limited to):-

  • Thin Porcelain Tile: doesn’t really state how bloody big it is mind, and was perhaps named that when the issue at hand was only the thickness, or lack of, was the issue. In the USA they named it TPT (thin porcelain tile) to define it. Yet at the time although they were large-format tiles, they weren’t much bigger than the likes of 600 x 600mm, perhaps the odd 750 x 600mm. We’re now looking at tiles commonly found at 1500mm in length, and some even 3 meters I believe? (Please correct me forum guys – as stated I’ve not been on for a bit lol 🙂 )
  • Large Format Tiles: kinda still took the old name of all tiles generally and people still call them this, whilst sometimes adding Extra Large (or XL) to the wording, so XL Porcelain Tiles or Extra Large Porcelain Tiles
  • Porcel-Thin: which is a Registered Trademark and clearly only should be used for the said brand that ‘Uncle Ray’ on the forum owns. By the way, Uncle Ray is doing bloody brilliantly and the forum lads love him and his products – If you’re looking for these tiles, you should seriously consider Ray’s Porcel-Thin stuff. That all said, other people still seem to assume all XL-TPT’s are called Porcel-Thin
  • As well as those, tilers who use them will call them <insert expletive here> huge <insert another here> tiles

I’m guessing tile cutter companies have a few naughty words for them too, because they’re having to change their professional gear to suit this stuff. And even their large cutters for normal porcelain are now classed within the trade as mere DIY cutters! How times change eh?!?

Large Format Porcelain Tile Advice – Whether you’re buying the stuff, or cutting the stuff to install, you’ll need some advice from experienced users – Where do you go?

Stupid question.

I’ve renamed the old Stone Tiling Forum to Natural Stone and Thin Porcelain Tiling. So you go there.

Thin Porcelain Tile Advice
Tiling by – One of the forum administrators – and a very good large format porcelain tiler!


Let us know what tiling you’ve done with Super Massive Large Format Thin Porcelain Tiles by replying to this post! Either link us to some images in your forum albums, your website, or add some images to your comments. Let us know how you found tiling with said tiles the very first time?!

Thanks for reading. Use the new forum well. 🙂

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